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Military Divorce Archives

Supreme Court ruling lets veteran pay less money to ex-spouse

A disabled veteran won a U.S. Supreme Court case last month. The ruling means that his ex-wife will receive less in military retirement benefits each month. The ruling could also affect other disabled veterans when it comes to how much of their retirement pensions they need to split with their exes.

The unique challenges faced by military couples

In virtually every Tennessee divorce, the most important issues for consideration boil down to money and children. When it's a military divorce, the long deployments and constant moving around cause child- and money-related issues to create even higher levels of consternation.

Calculating the distribution of a military retirement in divorce

When a military servicemember and his or her spouse get a divorce, the spouse will have the right to receive a share of the servicemember's retirement benefits in many cases. As such, most servicemembers and their spouses will want to gain a deeper understanding of how the benefits will be divided if they are considering going through a divorce.

Happy 2017 and welcome to divorce season

Welcome to 2017, and after the party confetti is cleaned up off the ground and the empty bottles thrown away, welcome to divorce season too. Every January is when the most divorces are filed each year. In fact, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers claims that he sees approximately 25 to 30 percent more divorces in January every year like clockwork.

Military divorce: Pensions and benefits

Civilian retirement benefits are subject to division in a divorce. So too are military pensions. The Uniform Services Former Spouses' Protection Act states that courts can divide military retirement pay as community or sole property. However, the USFSPA does not offer an actual formula for division of military retirement benefits. Rather, it lets the local state court decide how the benefits will be split up.

Tennessee military divorce proceedings for overseas soldiers

American soldiers who are serving their country overseas have so much to worry about -- like keeping their fellow soldiers safe, keeping themselves safe and keeping their wits about them to perform their duties clearly and effectively. Throwing divorce proceedings into the mix, when one's spouse is far away, can be heart-wrenching and extremely destabilizing for a soldier who is already under a great deal of stress as it is.

Dividing pensions in military divorces

Retiring military service members who spent at least 20 years in the military will receive a lifetime retirement pension. In 1982, however, with the passage of the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, or USFSPA, spouses are permitted to a portion of the service member's pension, which is treated as marital property and divided up in a divorce.

A military divorce requires experience, compassion and commitment

Most people would agree that all successful marriages require effort from both spouses. In a military marriage, this is usually truer than many new couples are prepared for. It can be extremely difficult to maintain a healthy relationship when one spouse is absent for extended periods. Further, after a period of deployment, the couple may find that their understanding of one another has undergone changes. For example, if one spouse has suffered through combat, he or she may come back and seem different than before. Extreme life experiences can do that to people.

What Can a Lawyer Do for Me When Going Through a Military Divorce?

Divorces where one or both parties are in the military present some unique challenges. Though the laws and procedures largely overlap with those that apply in civilian divorces, some distinct issues often arise in military divorces. These include dealing with deployments within the U.S. or overseas, filing or residency requirements, and how military benefits are affected or divided.

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