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Marital property division can be one of the most difficult and stressful issues in divorce. The longer the marriage, the harder it can be to separate out assets and debts into "equitable" shares. Working with an experienced family law attorney is essential to ensure the full disclosure of all marital property while protecting your unique interests.

Attorney Steven C. Girsky, founder of the Law Office of Steven C. Girsky in Clarksville, has more than 20 years of experience handling complex divorce and family law issues throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. He will take time to understand your unique circumstances and take steps to achieve solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Handling Cases in Tennessee and Kentucky
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Some lawyers, in their haste to conclude a case, do not take proper time to ensure all assets and debts have been put on the table so they can be fairly divided. Clarksville property division attorney Steven Girsky takes steps to ensure all marital property is included within your final settlement, including:

  • Primary residential home
  • Time shares, vacation homes, cabins and other real estate assets
  • Automobiles, boats, jet skis and other motor vehicles
  • Complex assets such as retirement assets, pensions or investments
  • Business assets from family-owned or operated businesses
  • Household goods, furniture and personal belongings

When necessary, he will work with qualified forensic accountants and other valuation experts to discover all assets and ensure they are properly valued before division. He will keep you informed of all developments or discoveries and help you understand their implications for your case.

Division of Shared Debts

The division of marital property also involves the division of shared debts, an especially important issue in today's economy. Attorney Girsky will work with you and the other side to ensure debts such as the home mortgage, automobile debt, shared credit card debts, independent loans and other debts are shared evenly or fairly between both parties. He will take care that you will not be responsible for more than you can handle.

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