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December 2010 Archives

Divorce Could Cost "Frasier" Actor Over $50 Million

American came to love Kelsey Grammer for his recognizable roles on the television shows "Cheers" and "Frasier" as Dr. Frasier Crane. His household name came back into the public eye after his wife Camille filed for divorce this past summer. They had been married for thirteen years.

Tennessee Mother Records Phone Conversation for Custody Fight

As mentioned before, a divorce can affect the children in the family, not just the couple separating. In many situations, parents can come to an agreement on child support, custody and visitation agreements, making the transition easier on the kids.

Parents' Casino Winnings Put Towards Overdue Child Support

When a couple is considering separation or divorce, they also have to consider the implications for their children. When a couple divorces, they have to come up with a child support plan that fits their particular situation, whatever that may be.

Woman Who Married Teen Lover is Denied Custody of Their Son

Over five years ago, Lisa Lynette Clark and the father of her unborn child got married. While this scenario seems simple enough, there are a few more details that are important. Clark, now known as Lisa Gonzalez, was 37-years-old at the time; the father was 15-years-old.

Creating Good Holiday Memories for Children in Divorced Families

A previous post offered suggestions on ways that couples can enjoy the holidays after a divorce with as little stress as possible. Another thing that is important for recently divorced couples to keep in mind is how to make the holidays as stress free as possible for their children.

Actor Ryan Reynolds to Divorce From Wife of Two Years

The previous post discussed stress and divorce and how both can impact the holiday experience. Divorce can affect anyone, including celebrities. Just recently another couple has announced that they are getting divorced: Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson.

Recently Divorced? Ways to Fight Holiday Stress This Season

Going through a divorce is always going to be messy. But during the holiday season, a divorce can take its toll on a family. Though holidays should be relaxing and enjoyable, the combination of holiday shopping, financial struggles, and extended family visits can become overwhelming.

New Military Divorce Statistics Shed Light On Marriage Problems

The U.S. military has been engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom for the last nine years. For most Americans, daily life continues normally. But for military families of deployed soldiers, the stress of this war is felt every day.

Divorce Affects Children Physically, Increases Chances of Stroke

Divorce can take its toll on everyone involved: mom, dad, grandparents, and children. For parents, what can often be the most draining is coming up with a shared parenting plan and determining the amount of child support.

Basketball Player Shoots for Custody of His Children

As we all know, celebrities experience their share of family problems especially when it comes to divorce and child custody. The news is riddled with tales of infidelity and secret children that can become intense court battles revolving around demands for financial support.

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