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March 2011 Archives

Should parents unable to pay child support be appointed lawyers?

Should delinquent child support payers be appointed an attorney? There are a few states that currently do not provide court-appointed attorneys for parents who are in contempt for not making their child support payments.

Wade granted sole custody of two boys after long court battle

Custody battles can become heated, especially when both the father and mother are fighting for sole custody of the children involved. Often a custody dispute elicits strong emotions from the parties involved because it exists in the wake of a divorce, another process often wrought with emotion.

Tennessee divorce case could change spousal support awards

There are a number of things that a couple has to think about when going through a divorce. Some of these include child support, visitation plans, and property division. Property division can become a big source of contention between couples; they may find themselves fighting over the smallest things.

Job opportunities opening the door for more relocation requests

Is a custody relocation case ever a win-win situation? Child custody relocation requests arise when the custodial parent wishes to move because of an employment opportunity or because he or she has remarried. These types of requests are becoming even more common because of the struggling economy.

Dividing property and divorce: who gets the house?

When a couple decides to get a divorce, there are a number of things to consider. As we've seen in previous posts, those factors can include child support and child custody. Another main issue that arises is property division and how the couple will split assets, particularly the house.

Women service members are more likely to divorce

Any married person knows that maintaining a marriage involves hard work. And military service members know that doing so through deployments and relocations can be even more challenging. But the Pentagon recently released statistics that show female service members face even higher divorce rates than their male military peers and female civilians.

Father loses custody rights after wife abducts children to Japan

What happens when your ex-wife leaves the country with your two children? In most instances, this is a situation of international child abduction and the country to which she fled will help return the children back to the United States. But for one man, his rights as a father were not honored by Japan, the country where his wife moved to.

Should deployment be a factor when determining custody rights?

Should child custody laws be different for individuals who serve in the military? Going through a military divorce carries the same emotional stress as the average divorce. But complications can arise if the couple has children together and is determining what custody plan works best for the situation.

Charlie Sheen loses sons and faces temporary restraining order

Celebrity divorces and property division disputes are constantly in the news. Often, a highly-publicized custody dispute accompanies a celebrity divorce; allegations fly back and forth as the couple fights for custody of their children.

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