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May 2011 Archives

Japan under enormous pressure to change child custody laws

After bowing to years of international pressure, Japan's Cabinet has passed a resolution on to its parliament for approval to sign a 1980 Hague Convention pact. The agreement would change traditional child custody arrangements that often exclude a biological father from the lives of his children following divorce.

Could Schwarzenegger's prenuptial agreement be terminated?

In many previous posts we've discussed some of the complications that can arise following a divorce, specifically property division. Especially for couples who have been married for a long time, there are a lot of things like cars, homes, and investments that are subject to division.

Tennessee has second-highest divorce rate in nation

Did you know that Tennessee has the second highest divorce rate in the nation? Coming in second only to Nevada, Tennessee couples are choosing to separate at a higher rate than most other states. What does that mean?

Pro-ball lockout could lead to lower child support payments

When people think of the possibility of a NBA and NFL lockout, the first thought is how the disputes could affect the players and the owners. But a group of individuals who could also be affected are the former wives of players who currently receive monthly alimony and child support payments.

Officer files civil lawsuit as a last resort in military divorce

When considering a divorce, should pending criminal charges have an impact on the divorce proceedings? That is the question that has been raised in a highly publicized divorce between a military officer and his estranged wife. The wife has been charged with murdering their two children last winter while their father was overseas on military duty.

Tennessee father sues ex-wife for breach of custody contract

When custody disputes span across country borders, things can get complicated. One Tennessee father has been in the middle of a child custody dispute with his ex-wife who brought their two children back to Japan. He has been fighting for two years trying to regain custody of his kids.

Explaining separation and divorce to children can help them cope

It is not unusual for parents to become caught up in their own personal anxiety caused by divorce. As separating parents work on the long-term legal issues of child custody, visitation and support, there must be, at some point, a discussion with their shared children about the adult choices being made.

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