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August 2011 Archives

Actor ordered to pay child support to noncustodial parent

For some families in Tennessee, monthly budgets do not only involve food, clothing, and other necessities. Some parents find themselves including child support payments into their budget. Typically during the divorce process, the couple will come to an agreement about custody and support in the best interests of the children.

Part 2: Paternity fraud and DNA testing

In the previous post, we discussed a case that is awaiting a decision from the Tennessee Supreme Court. A father brought a civil claim of fraud against his ex-wife after discovering that the boy he thought was his son for many years was actually the son of another man.

Part 1: Paternity case goes before Tennessee Supreme Court

If a couple has children together, custody and support agreements must be reached if the couple decides to get a divorce. These types of issues can raise concern over a father's rights to spend time with his child and foster a parent-child relationship even after a separation.

After several years, international custody ordeal comes to an end

In a previous post we discussed some of the international child custody issues that have arisen when one parent flees the U.S. with a child. The problem usually lies in the fact that the parent who flees is violating a custody order by preventing the other parent from seeing the child. Once the fleeing parent is out of the country, it becomes even more difficult to regain custody of the child.

Can reduced deployment period also reduce military divorce?

Being halfway across the world from a spouse can put a strain on a marriage relationship. While this arrangement may not seem like a normal, everyday situation, many couples where one spouse is an active member of the military find themselves dealing with this very issue.

Property division: not just dividing up the stuff and walking away

It is no surprise that a divorce can carry some heavy emotional consequences for everyone involved. Couples who are at the point of ending a marriage are forced to deal with a number of different things like child custody and spousal support.

Blog created over bitter custody battle ordered to be shut down

Going through any type of difficulty can be made more bearable if you have someone else who understands what you're going through. When going through a divorce, it is no different. Couples who find themselves in the middle of a divorce may find it helpful to discuss with someone else who recently went through a similar divorce.

Supermodel requests $46,000 a month for child support

For the average household, raising a child can cost a lot of money. Expenses from birth to when the child leaves the home can include diapers, food, clothing, extracurricular activities, car insurance and much more. Over time, the amount adds up.

Fathers' rights still shifting - more single dads awarded custody

Analysis of census data reflects the growth of single fathers who have custody of children. The number has been slowly increasing since the 1950s. Some believe that this can be attributed to the shift in society's view of single parenthood and fathers' rights.

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