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January 2012 Archives

Heidi Klum divorce raises child custody questions

One of Hollywood's most high-profile couples is splitting up. Model and TV-show host Heidi Klum spent the weekend shopping around for divorce lawyers and her singer husband Seal admitted that the couple has separated. "Project Runway" and "Germany's Next Top Model" host Heidi Klum has been married to singer Seal for about eight years but finally decided to split up with him reportedly due to his severe temper.

Father of missing woman's children excused from child support

There are very few circumstances that will allow a parent to avoid making child support payments. But in highly unusual situations, it's been known to happen. Last month we told you about a man who was named the prime suspect in his ex-fiance's disappearance. On Thursday, a judge ruled the man will not be required to pay child support.

Government going after parents who don't pay child support

If you're a divorced parent with primary custody of your children, you know how important it is to get monthly child support payments. Most parents who once raised their children on two incomes and are now surviving on one will tell you that no matter how small, every child support payment counts. So when parents who owe those payments stop making them, both the receiving parent and the child feel the pain.

Court rules family can withhold secret about teen's real father

In the realm of paternity cases, bizarre things occasionally happen. Lawsuits often stem from mothers demanding child support from men who deny they're the father, but sometimes it's the man who demands fathers' rights.

Tennessee child support reimbursement decision reversed on appeal

It's become a classic tale: A man is told he's the father of a child he didn't know existed, and that he owes the mother untold amounts of child support. We've seen this scenario played out very publicly recently, with such accusations lodged against pop star Justin Bieber. A young woman claimed that a backstage tryst between her and Bieber resulted in the birth of their child, for which she demanded a large settlement. Although she eventually dropped the paternity suit, she's apparently seeking a new settlement out of court.

Who gets the pets when Fluffy and Fido's parents divorce?

So you've decided to divorce. You and your spouse have come to an agreement on who will keep the house and how you'll divide your time with the kids. Now what about those sad eyes looking up at you from the dog bed?

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