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February 2012 Archives

Divorcing Tennessee couples turn to spyware for evidence

Going through a divorce is typically a very stressful and emotionally-charged experience. Tennessee couples going through a divorce are forced to deal with a variety of raw emotions including hurt, betrayal and anger. They are also forced to deal with complex matters associated with dividing property and child custody and visitation.

Smoking may affect your Tennessee custody case

If you smoke cigarettes, you have likely grown used to the negative reactions from family and friends who want you to quit smoking. However, you may not be expecting such negativity when you appear in family court to litigate your child custody case.

Heidi and Seal's divorce moves forward

In our last post we discussed the dismissal of the Vanessa Long's divorce petition from megachurch Bishop Eddie Long. Although that couple is attempting to reconcile, one couple is moving forward with their martial dissolution. Recent reports indicate that Heidi Klum and Seal have abandoned attempts to reconcile and will move forward with their divorce.

Vanessa Long calls off divorce from Bishop Eddie Long, for now

Filings in the divorce case "Long vs. Long" indicate that Vanessa Long recently had her divorce case against Bishop Eddie Long dismissed without prejudice. Vanessa reportedly asked for her divorce petition to be dismissed, which is the second time in three months that this has happened.

Smartphones appearing in increasing amount of divorce cases

We recently posted about the proliferation of Facebook posts as evidence in divorce cases. It appears that Facebook and Twitter posts are now being used to show that parents are unfit for primary child custody or that a spouse gave inconsistent statements about where they were or what they were doing. Facebook posts are also being used in some alimony cases to illustrate that a spouse now has a live-in partner and that alimony should be discontinued.

Katy Perry failed to sign prenup, Brand leaves money on table

Pop icon Katy Perry recently finalized her divorce to comedian Russell Brand in what appears to be one of the most amicable celebrity divorces ever. Family law attorneys across the country were clutching their pearls upon learning that the pop star did not sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying the comedian despite already having a much higher net worth.

How Facebook-savvy are you when it comes to divorce?

You may take pride in your social media savvy and popularity, whether it's the number of friends or followers you have or your ability to inject just the right amount of snark in your posts. But how smart are you when it comes to using it during a divorce?

Three ways to minimize the impact of divorce on children

Divorce is difficult for all members of a family to endure, but children are especially vulnerable to the potentially negative emotional consequences of a divorce. Although child custody and child support issues can be stressful for parents, there are several things that parents can do to minimize the impact of a divorce on the lives of their children.

Olivia Wilde reflects on divorcing young

House actress Olivia Wilde eloped with Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli at a very young age. The actress admits that deciding to elope at age 18 was impulsive and noted that she found herself growing out of the relationship as she matured. Fortunately the actress' recent divorce seems to have been amicable and Wilde still admires and respects her ex.

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