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March 2012 Archives

Divorce and taxes: sorting out child-related tax matters

Spring is here. The sun is shining brighter, the days are longer and the birds are chirping. Along with the more pleasant aspects associated with the warmer weather, however, comes the inevitability of tax season. With the April 15 tax deadline quickly approaching, divorced or legally separated Tennessee parents need to know how to handle child-related tax matters.

Tips for communicating with children about divorce

Couples that chose to end their marriage and divorce face many complex decisions and difficult conversations. Some of the most emotional and heart-wrenching discussions are often those involving the children. How a couple chooses to discuss their decision to divorce with their children can go a long way to avoid future conflict and problems.

How equitable distribution can help divorcing Tennessee couples

Any divorcing couple is sure to have acquired many possessions during their time together. Division of property is often a very emotional and contentious matter between divorcing spouses. While it's easiest on everyone involved if both spouses can come to an agreement on who gets what, this oftentimes does not happen.

Divorced parents squabbling over co-parenting turn to Internet

Any couple going through a divorce is likely to experience hostile feelings towards their ex-spouse. While divorcing couples without children must endure the initial turmoil associated with the actual divorce proceeding, they are then free to move on with their lives and potentially never see each other again. For divorcing couples with children, however, they are tied to each other for life and must find ways to co-parent effectively.

Father responsible for paying child support despite agreement

The birth of any child is typically looked upon as a joyous and celebratory event. This is often especially true for couples that struggle with infertility and finally have success in conceiving a child. Many couples that face infertility eventually turn to procedures such as In vitro fertilization. What happens, however, when the couple is no longer together when the child is born?

Court rules ex-husband should pay for child's college education

Today, a struggling economy coupled with increased competition for jobs make getting a college education more crucial than ever. Many college students struggle to pay for their education, applying for grants and scholarships and taking out student loans. Provided they have the financial means, many parents are also willing to help their children pay for college as they understand the benefits and long-term payoffs.

Seeking child custody? It may pay to be a teacher's pet

When trying to negotiate the terms of a child custody settlement, many parents feel like they need to prove themselves. Some parents approach the custody hearing as a popularity contest and seek to gain the judge's approval by trying to prove they are the most fun parent. Turns out a child's teacher may actually hold the key to which parent comes out on top in a custody battle.

Divorce and taxes - don't let one mistake haunt you for years

When agreeing on settlement terms, many divorcing couples in Tennessee often don't realize the tax implications that may result. What's more, many of these tax penalties are not a one-time deal, but will continue to penalize the divorced spouse for years to come. Divorce is complex enough, throw trying to figure out how settlement terms and division of assets impact tax obligations, and it's enough to make many couples lose their minds.

Pending divorce? Be careful what you post on Facebook

In recent years, the explosion of social media has opened up various avenues for people to voice their views and opinions on a variety of topics. While some social media platforms are very public others, such as Facebook, allow users to set privacy perimeters to essentially control who can and cannot view their information and posts. For one man facing a bitter divorce, an angry rant posted and shared with select friends nearly landed him in jail.

Increasing number of couples ring in New Year with divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is a serious and life-changing one. While no specific month or time of the year is universally advantageous to file for divorce, divorce attorneys around the country and in Tennessee report that an increasing number of couples are choosing to do so in January and February.

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