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May 2012 Archives

A divorce late in life doesn't have to spell financial disaster

According to researchers, the divorce rate for America's baby boom generation has quadrupled over the past two decades. One byproduct of that trend has been a sharp rise in the number of divorce cases in Tennessee and other states that involve substantial retirement holdings, complex financial considerations and difficult legal questions related to property division and tax law.

Tennessee father of 30 asks court to reduce child support

Child support isn't a penalty that goes hand-in-hand with losing out on child custody. In fact, some Tennessee parents who have been awarded primary custody of children have also been ordered to pay child support to co-parents who may take care of the children a few days each week.

How much say should kids have about child custody?

As you probably know, Tennessee parents and family court judges who make decisions about child custody and visitation issues are required to put "the best interests" of children first. You may also know that family court judges in our state must consider the "reasonable" preferences of children aged 12 or older as only one of many factors in their decision-making process, and are allowed to consider the child custody preferences of younger children as well.

Lord of the ring: Kardashian or Humphries?

The Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce battle is apparently heading toward new ground -- a fight over who should get to keep the $2 million diamond engagement ring that came with the NBA player's marriage proposal. Humphries reportedly believes he should get the ring back because the marriage was so short-lived, and because he believes Kardashian was deceitful and had fraudulent intentions with respect to the marriage. Based on a vague reference to a "dispute over jewelry" Kardashian's attorney made in a court hearing last week, it seems fair to assume that Kardashian feels otherwise.

Servicemember facing bigamy charges, wife still seeking divorce

Military divorce cases tend to be more complicated than "ordinary" Tennessee divorces for several reasons. In some situations, for example, the logistical problems inherent with trying to legally end the marriage of two people who are currently living on different continents can be tremendously challenging.

Child support disputes of the rich and famous: an update

In Tennessee and other states, child support payments are normally calculated using a formula that takes various factors into account, including the needs of the child, the incomes of both parents and amount of time each parent will have with the child. While the specifics of these child support formulas vary from state to state, family court judges usually have at least some discretion to deviate from guideline amounts in appropriate circumstances.

An unmarried father wins key victory in fight for child custody

Even though Tennessee and other states have become significantly more pro-fathers' rights in recent years, unmarried men can still face difficult challenges when trying to assert child custody or visitation rights -- a fact highlighted by the story that's the focus of today's post.

Mom faces uphill battle to bring children home from abroad

It isn't unusual for spouses to relocate after a divorce. When a parent plans to move to another jurisdiction or country with children, however, a court order approving the relocation must usually be obtained first. Still, every year, new stories about parents who ignore those legal requirements and illegally move children to other states and countries anyway make headlines.

All dogs go to mediation: a 'tale' of canine custody and divorce

Most of us in Tennessee know at least one pair of empty-nesters or a married couple who haven't had children. Many of us also probably know at least one such couple who have a dog that gets the kind of love and adoration normally reserved for children. Now ask yourself, what would happen if that couple decided to get a divorce but couldn't reach an agreement about which one of them would get to keep the beloved pet?

The world's most costly celebrity divorce cases

Country music fans in Tennessee and elsewhere might remember that in 1993, singer Kenny Rogers divorced his fourth wife, actress Marianne Gordon, after 16 years of marriage and one child. But what made this particular divorce memorable was not the kind of open warfare we've seen most recently between Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries -- in fact, the Rogers-Gordon split was uncontested. What made that divorce case memorable was the $60 million Ms. Gordon walked away with as part of the settlement, a practically unheard of amount at that time.

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