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July 2012 Archives

Judge to adoptive mom: 'To Russia with child support'

The Shelbyville, Tennessee, mother who airmailed her adopted son back to Russia a few years ago was in the news again recently -- and again over the issue of child support. As we mentioned in a previous blog post on this case, the story sparked a public outcry on both sides of the Atlantic and led to a temporarily halt to adoptions of Russian children by U.S. citizens.

Suggestions for successful co-parenting after divorce

A lot of things can be said or done during a divorce that leave both spouses feeling hurt, angry or worse. When there are no minor children involved, these feelings can be easier to deal with and move past after a divorce because parting spouses frequently don't have to interact with one another unless they choose to.

Military child custody proposal gains momentum in Nashville

Two questions: First, should men and women who serve in the U.S. military be penalized in child custody cases because of deployments that are beyond their control? Second, should a servicemember from Tennessee have the same basic rights and protections in a child custody case as a servicemember in any other state?

Tennessee property division: high tech assets

Property division is frequently the most difficult issue to resolve in Tennessee divorce cases. This is largely because disputes over marital property often involve contradictory appraisals or valuations as to the worth of particular assets. Unfortunately, property division has become even more complicated in recent years due to the ever-increasing accumulation of high tech goodies and even "virtual assets" by married couples and families.

New paternity tests could resolve child support issues faster

Statistics show that more than half of all children born to women under the age of 30 today are the products of non-marital relationships. In many of cases, pregnant mothers cannot even be certain of the father's identity due to having had more than one sexual partner during the conception period.

Cruise and Holmes settle divorce differences in only 11 days

Celebrity divorces are usually a bit messier and longer than the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes case, which lasted less than two weeks. This is especially true when child custody is at issue. As the Holmes-Cruise divorce demonstrates, however, personal differences over even highly-charged issues such as child custody or religious belief do not have to stand in the way of a prompt, out-of-court solution when both spouses are committed to reaching that goal.

Trading places: relocating with children after a divorce

Mobility, the freedom to just pull up stakes and hit the road for somewhere else has been a longstanding feature of American life. For divorced Tennessee parents who have custody of minor children however, the freedom to move is limited and often requires court approval.

Fathers' rights in Tennessee: child support

Facing the prospect of a divorce, many fathers assume from the start that they will not be given a fair shake in the family court system. While this has no doubt occurred in some cases, the assumption itself can also be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The truth is, legislators and family courts in Tennessee have made great strides toward making sure that fathers' rights are respected in divorce cases.

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