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August 2012 Archives

International child custody dispute heads to Supreme Court

Under "normal" circumstances, Tennessee parents who become embroiled in a child custody or relocation dispute will have their cases handled in a state court -- usually in the county where the child resided for the past six months.

Child custody: avoiding school-related co-parenting conflicts

It may seem like no big deal on the surface, but sending the kids back to school is actually one of the biggest challenges many Tennessee parents face in adjusting to life after a divorce. Why? Think about it -- school supplies, new clothes, meals, homework policies, transportation, graded assignments and report cards, planning for contingencies like extracurricular activities, inclement weather or sickness -- all of it requires communication and planning.

Concerning credit, before and after a divorce in Tennessee

If you're thinking about getting a divorce but are worried about the financial consequences of that decision, you're not alone. Nearly everyone who has ever gone through a divorce in Tennessee has experienced those same anxieties and has asked themselves the same questions about property division, support and other financial concerns that you have. What frequently gets overlooked however, are the various ways in which a divorce can negatively affect a person's credit if they are not careful.

Father of Palin's grandson plans to seek child custody

Sarah Palin, the former governor of our largest and northernmost state, made her national debut four years ago as Sen. John McCain's vice-presidential running mate and has not strayed far from controversy or news headlines ever since. As most readers in Tennessee will remember, one of the biggest controversies Palin has been associated with arose during the campaign itself, when reports surfaced that her unmarried 17-year-old daughter Bristol was pregnant.

Helping your friend get through their Tennessee divorce

There are many things that make the divorce process difficult. The laws that apply to family law and divorce cases and the often confusing legal system itself are part of the puzzle. So too are fear and anxiety about the future and charged emotions that often arise or get further aggravated during divorce proceedings. Another important piece for some divorcing spouses is the feeling that nothing or no one can help.

Ask during divorce negotiations and maybe ye shall receive

Today's blog post happens to be about a divorce case from another state. Even so, it is a story that devoted fans of the University of Tennessee's Volunteers athletic teams might want to remember if they ever have to go through a divorce themselves. Here's how it starts.

Lawsuit over misconduct during divorce results in $20,000 award

Last week, a federal judge ordered a Tennessee attorney to pay $20,000 in damages to an ex-husband who was harmed by her misconduct during their divorce. In a lengthy ruling issued after a no-holds-barred civil trial that lasted two weeks, the judge determined that the woman violated wiretapping laws with her use of computer spyware during the couple's divorce and that she altered a prenuptial agreement to her own advantage.

Rites of passage to consider after your Tennessee divorce

Breaking up may be hard to do, but getting past the emotional residue of a divorce and moving forward with your life can be even harder. Fortunately, millions of people from across the globe have been through the divorce process too and have discovered more than just a few things that are helpful in this regard and many more that are not.

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