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October 2012 Archives

Mayor and ex-wife continue divorce settlement case

Citizens of Tennessee know that marital disputes are not confined to one particular city or state. A mayor of the bordering city of Southaven and his ex-wife are in the middle of ongoing divorce proceedings, and one factor that this former couple is facing is the modification of child support.

Senator and his wife decide to end 20 years of marriage

Many married citizens of Clarksville experience marital disputes throughout their relationship, even after they've been together for a long period of time. Of course, many years together don't guarantee that the relationship will last forever. Even the longest marriages sometimes end in divorce, and with divorce comes the complicated process of property division.

Fathers' rights in divorce can have big impact on kids' lives

The importance of the role of the father in parenting has often been overlooked in the courts. Traditionally in divorce cases, courts grant custody of the child to the mother, assuming that it is in the best interest of the child. But times have changed and that thinking has changed as well. Nowadays, both parents have equal rights when it comes to the children. Fathers' rights, if not exercised, may take a toll on the child in many different ways, especially in the teenage years.

Prenuptial agreements aren't just for property division

A basic premise of contract law is that parties can bargain for whatever they want -- provided the "whatever" is legal and that basic contract requirements and formalities are satisfied in order to make the contract valid.

Tennessee divorce: It's your party, or not.

Earlier this year, we had a discussion about divorce rituals from around the world and positive ways that people from different cultures cope with the end of a marriage. As some of you may recall, one of the "rites of passage" we mentioned in that blog post was the idea of throwing a divorce party to celebrate the occasion.

Maternity contested? A strange but true child custody case

We thought our Tennessee readers might be interested a landmark parental rights case that's currently being played out in another state. What makes that case unique and potentially important is that unlike every other parentage or child custody dispute you've probably ever heard of, this one centers on a father's allegation that the woman who actually gave birth to 11-week-old twins he fathered is not really their mother.

Spy vs. Spy: the increasingly short supply of privacy in divorce

Tennessee residents take note: some of what might be fair in love and war isn't fair in a divorce. In fact, it may be illegal and could even land you in a jail. We're specifically referring to the increasing use of evidence from both smartphones and social media sites such as Facebook in divorce proceedings nationwide -- and to a similar increase in use of hidden cameras, microphones, GPS trackers and other types of "spygear" as well.

Tennessee child custody determinations: for richer or poorer?

In a recent Huffington Post article, blogger Pauline Gaines related her experience with a lengthy child custody battle and the bias against economically disadvantaged parents inherent in many family court systems.

A stone cold lesson about property division

You don't have to be a rock and roll fan to be familiar with the Rolling Stones, but if you know who Ronnie Wood is, you probably are. For readers in Tennessee and elsewhere who aren't familiar with the musician's career, Ronnie Wood is a guitarist, bassist, lap steel and pedal steel guitar player who joined the Rolling Stones in 1975 following stints with groups such as The Birds, The Jeff Beck Group and Faces.

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