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December 2012 Archives

Father and daughter reunited after 10 days

In the realm of child custody there was at one time a mindset that only a mother could provide the best upbringing for a child. Times have changed and courts today seek what is best for the child, which often means including the involvement of both parents in their child's life. Fathers' rights have been contested in numerous proceedings and many courts now recognize the equal rights of both parents and the interests of their children during custody cases.

Child support and modifications in Tennessee

Divorce may end marriage, but it doesn't end family ties. Spouses become single again once the divorce is settled, yet their relationship with their children continues. In such situations, child support is usually paid by the non-custodial parent. Custodial parents often need the support for living expenses, education and health care.

Handling property division in divorce settlements

Many people believe in marriage, but some marital unions simply drift apart and end in separation. Divorce is the legal process wherein such a separation is formalized and a marriage is dissolved. It is a fact of life for many Clarksville residents, and the process can involve emotional and financial stress. Contentious divorces can result when emotions get heated and couples disagree on important issues.

Sesame Street will tackle a touchy topic: divorce

Tennessee residents are familiar with Sesame Street, the popular and long-running children's television show. For the second time in the show's 40 years on the air, it is attempting to tackle the subject of divorce.

Soldier faces child custody battle over a 21-month-old baby

People who work for the military are often posted to other countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and must endure long periods of time away from their children and spouses. In South Carolina, some families, in which one spouse is in the service, are accustomed to such absences. But such absences can affect military family relationships, potentially resulting in a military divorce for the spouses.

Support program works to protect fathers' rights

Years ago, men were not treated equally when it came to child custody. However, times have changed and the courts' decisions today clearly reflect that. Nowadays, marital disputes are settled with the best interests of the child in mind. Fathers in the Clarksville area should keep this in mind if they are currently seeking custody rights.

App simplifies property division in divorce

Modern technology plays a significant role in Clarksville resident's lives, and may contribute to relationship woes and remedies. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become conduits for infidelity, and a means to prove indiscretions.

Effective parenting through technology for Tennessee parents

Tennessee parents may know that parenting can be a challenge, even for couples who are still together. For separated or divorced couples, raising a child between two homes can create unique and challenging problems that must be overcome. For many families, technology is the answer for parenting across distances.

Educational classes advance fathers' abilities to parent

Raising a child is not easy, even with two parents around. But when a father has to do his parenting while separated from the child's mother, the job becomes even harder. Fortunately, help is on the way in the form of parenting classes and educational materials specifically directed to help new fathers. These new programs may even help strengthen fathers' rights when it comes to a child custody dispute.

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