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May 2013 Archives

Property division, alimony and custody issues for celebs too

For decades society has been drawn to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. From their high profile marriages to their legal troubles, celebrities have created gossip for countless Tennessee residents over the years. One frequent topic is divorce, with celebrities seeming to share the same divorce-related woes as many everyday Americans. Like the rest of society, celebrities will have to go through property division, child custody and alimony. One of the most recent former celeb couples to make headlines again is Ashton Kutcher and his ex-wife Demi Moore.

Tennessee man lives out of car to pay off child support

With the divorce rate at 50 percent, marriage does not have a lifetime guarantee. For many couples, divorce is necessary and between child support and child custody disputes, children are often put in the middle. Determining what to do with the children has cost many Tennessee residents a great deal of money and, for some dads, their father's rights. For one Tennessee man, the decision came to this: child support or his house?

Divorce: making the best of the situation

As Montgomery residents know, divorce can often come without warning in many marriages while in others, it comes long overdue. Whatever the reasoning, divorce has found its way into half of all American weddings. Many Montgomery residents have struggled with alimony, child custody and property division while going through a divorce. It may not be a pleasant experience for most, but it is a process that is sometimes necessary in life. There are many ways one can get the most out of their divorce.

NBA Star Steve Nash denies wife child support

For years celebrity divorces have filled the pages of countless tabloids and magazines. From cheating scandals to child support payments, celebrities are just as prone to divorce as the rest of society. Many Montgomery residents may be familiar with basketball star Steve Nash. The NBA star is well known for his basketball talents for the Lakers but also for his divorce from his estranged wife.

Divorce can have its impact on father's rights

Divorce is rarely a process where both parties get exactly what they want from their dissolution of marriage. Factors such as child support, child custody, alimony and property division can often complicate the process. Historically, many fathers have gotten the short end of the stick on divorce. Several have had their father's rights taken away or made a mockery of. The state of Tennessee has seen its fair share of divorces but one thing is certain, divorce is seldom easy on parents.

Jason Aldean files for divorce in Tennessee

Many Tennessee residents are fans of country music star Jason Aldean. Songs like "Big Green Tractor" and "My Kinda Party" have made him one of the biggest country music stars to hit Nashville. The father of two has now filed for divorce from his high-school sweetheart after allegedly being seen kissing an "American Idol" contestant in a bar. Will he have his father's rights taken away because he allegedly acted inappropriately with another woman?

Who gets to keep the debt after a divorce?

As Ben Franklin once said, "nothing is certain in life but death and taxes." The founding father was on to something. When most couples marry, they are certain their love will last till death does them part. But with the divorce rate close to 50 percent this is not always the case. In today's society, many Montgomery residents dealing with divorce will face difficult decisions, especially with property division.

Can social media haunt Montgomery residents during divorce?

There are over 1 billion Facebook users in the world. Many Montgomery residents enjoy expressing themselves on that social media outlet, as well as countless others. Whether contributing a status update or uploading a picture, over 618 million users have been active daily on Facebook. While most of the information posted is innocuous, there is a great deal of online evidence that can influence the outcome of many divorce cases, especially those involving child custody.

Property division battle rages on for Dodger owners

With the divorce rate at 50 percent, many Montgomery residents have gone through the often stressful divorce process. Complicated elements, such as plentiful assets or family businesses, can make a divorce even harder to end. In fact, some celebrity couples have spent more time in their divorce than they did in their marriage. For one high-profile couple, property division has continued to be an issue even after their divorce settlement.

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