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August 2013 Archives

Famous vocalist reaches property division agreement with ex

Reaching a divorce agreement may take numerous steps and put the divorcing couple on a roller-coaster ride filled with emotions and disputes. Although numerous complications are not associated with all divorces, property division is not something that can be avoided. Although documents such as prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements can make this process easier, not every couple utilizes those options.

Ownership of Knoxville company will be decided in divorce court

When it comes to divorce, various factors could cause the process to become lengthy and brutal. Property division can create disputes, especially when the soon-to-be ex-spouses do not agree in its division. These issues can be very prominent in a divorce when it comes to business assets, especially if the assets are significant and both spouses believe that they are entitled to them.

Co-parenting requires focus on best interests of the child

Divorcing parents in Montgomery County know firsthand that their children's best interests need to receive priority. And while they may agree upon that much in principle, determining what's in a child's best interests is subject is seldom a black-and-white issue in practice. Divorced parents, however, may try to follow a few tips to successfully co-parent their children after a split.

Military benefits can complicate a divorce settlement

Military couples based in and around Fort Campbell here in Tennessee know very well the strains that service and active deployment can put on a relationship. Sometimes one or both partners may decide to go their separate ways, but when they do, there are issues they will need to resolve that do not arise in civilian marriages.

Wife of Black Keys singer makes allegations in custody dispute

When couples determine that their marriage is no longer going to work, there are various important issues to consider. When the couple has children, dealing with custody and support issues is usually on the top of the list. When it comes to custody, it is customary to consider that the mother of the children would get sole or at least joint custody, but the modern system looks at fathers' rights and in some situations grants fathers sole custody of their children.

Woman claims she was cheated out of millions by ex

No matter what stage of the divorce a couple is in, difficulties and complexities can occur throughout the process. One factor that could potentially lengthen the process of bring the separated couple back to court following their dissolution is property. Disputes about property division and separating marital assets could cause several disputes.

Jack White and ex-wife encounter child custody dispute

Even when Tennessee couples attempt to dissolve their marriage amicably, the divorce process could cause various disputes. For couples in the public eye such as wealthy or celebrity couples, having their every move in the media could pose some problems. Divorce can include some serious decisions and not having them kept private could cause additional disputes or extend the dissolution process.

Who keeps the pets in a Tennessee divorce?

Divorce can be one of the most challenging times in any Montgomery resident's life. Dissolving a marriage is no easy task, usually requiring time and effort before it is finalized. During a divorce proceeding, most couples will have to solve legal issues. Many disputes typically arise during these issues, and from property division in particular. Everything from figuring out who gets the house to who keeps the family photos can pose difficulties even for divorcing spouses who wish to remain amicable.

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