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September 2013 Archives

Considering ownership of rings in a divorce

It is clear that married couples get into arguments from time to time. Tennessee couples understand that when these disputes become too much to handle, they might decide to dissolve their marriage. When divorce is brought up, there are numerous factors and issues to consider. Various conversations about property division will take place throughout the process. This portion of the divorce tends to be messy because couples will disagree with who gets what. This makes it especially important to keep accurate records of property and assets even when divorce is not in the picture.

Hoppy and Frankel still disputing about child custody

Married couples in Tennessee understand that dissolving a marriage can lead to additional and future problems. These problems can often surround their children. This is often due to one parent being the most suitable caregiver for the child or children but, in some cases, couples divorcing will use their children to hurt their soon-to-be ex-spouse. This does not only create more issues and disputes, this could harm the child in the long run.

Considering financial planning during a divorce

Problems can plague a marriage at any time, no matter what the duration of the union has been. Tennessee couples understand that divorce could happen at any age. When a marriage is dissolved, numerous decisions need to be made, whether they are young, middle-aged or retired. The property between the couple needs to be dispersed, but that is not always an easy step to go through. If one spouse handled the finances in the relationship, the other spouse might not be aware of all the assets and property the couple owns. Moreover, the spouse that has not taken part in the financial planning might be at a disadvantage post-divorce.

Helping Tennessee parents through divorce, child custody issues

Tennessee parents understand that their children might witness some fights in the household. When spouses no longer get along, they will begin discussing the options for divorce or separation. Initially, these conversations could be fueled with emotion, which could create an unhealthy environment for the children. Parents should realize that they not only need to determine child custody once the divorce is completed, but they also need to decide what is best for the children during the divorce or separation process.

Increase in military divorces for those deployed

Married couples in Tennessee understand that some marriages fail because one spouse is not around often due to their occupations. For military couples, this might be due to the spouse being deployed for an extended period of time. This time apart could be the reason for the marriage falling apart. A military divorce can be more complex because it involves federal and military laws. This could make the process more complicated and could even extend the time it takes to reach a divorce agreement.

Considering tax returns and inheritances in a divorce

Couples in Tennessee understand that when two people create a union with marriage, that union may not last forever. A divorce can bring up numerous issues and details that couples do not often think would be pertinent in a divorce proceeding. Attention to detail and taking the time to go through the process effectively can avoid additional disputes and problems in the future. This is especially true when it comes to property division. The details about property and assets are essential in the distribution of marital property.

The media affecting high asset divorces

When it comes to the tabloids and media outlets, Tennessee couples will often notice celebrity couples going through rough patches. Most married couples will never experience the media exploitation during their separation and divorce, even if they do make a modest income. Regardless, having a private matter talked about among friends and family can often affect the process and the amount of emotion attributed to it. Furthermore, a high asset divorce can create serious and sometimes trivial disputes. Property division can be a messy process, especially when there is a lot that can be lost and gained in the dissolution of their marriage.

Workhouses offsetting the penalties of child support offenders

When parents are no longer together, a parenting plan needs to be established in order to ensure the necessary care and support is available and provided for their children. When parents are the primary or custodial parent, they often seek child support from the other parent. When that parent fails to make these payments or is delinquent, there could be some serious penalties such as fines or jail time. Even when these consequences are put in place, the child might still not be receiving the necessary monetary support they need.

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