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October 2013 Archives

Timbaland's wife seeks spousal, child support in divorce papers

Those Tennessee residents who follow celebrity news very closely are no strangers to frequent news about celebrity divorces. Property division, child custody and child support payments are often the major contentious issues in high-profile divorce proceedings. Grammy award winner Timbaland and his wife are the latest celebrity pair to join the club of high-profile couples heading for a split.

Property division and the marital home

People from Tennessee may be aware that divorce can bring many changes to a person's life. The couple may have concerns about the effect of divorce on their life and upbringing of their children post-divorce. Also, property division is probably one of the main concerns of the couple. While a major portion of the property may be divided equally between them, both may want to keep the marital home.

Perks may translate to increased child support payments

Couples seeking a divorce in Tennessee must be aware of the complex legal procedures involved in resolving property and child custody issues. However, the child support payments can be a major point of disagreement in a divorce proceeding. Often, there is a disagreement on who will contribute and how much toward the child support.

Singer Usher still battling child custody issues

Although the divorce process can be defined as a life changing and difficult event for married couples in Tennessee, dealing with post-divorce issues can be just as complex and challenging. Ex-spouses with children need to constantly make choices that affect their children, so it is always important that the best interest of the children is a major factor in the decision-making process. During the divorce process, a child custody agreement is decided, but substantial changes in circumstances can occur and could mean that modification is needed.

Understanding finances during a divorce and post-divorce

Tennessee couples understand that when couples decide to get married they often share the household tasks. This often means that one spouse will handle specific chores or household labors while the other spouse does the same. This is often optimal when the couple is married, but when they decide to dissolve their marriage, the spouses might find it difficult to transition into singlehood and doing things as an individual. Furthermore, if the spouse has never dealt with the marital finances, they might be at a disadvantage. Not only will this make property division challenging, it can make the transitioning phase post-divorce quite difficult.

Telling children about divorce and child custody

For any married couple in Tennessee, the decision to have children is a major event that requires planning and consideration. The same decision-making process is ideal when the parents decide to part ways and go through the divorce. A parenting plan will be put in place to determine child custody and what is most suitable for the child or children.

Digitized files in child custody division in Chattanooga

Tennessee couples going through a dissolution of their marriage understand that paying attention to details and paperwork is important. The divorce process can require a lot of time and decision-making. When children are involved in the process, this often means deciding factors such as child custody and child support. If a parent is seeking sole custody, they need to file the appropriate paperwork to ensure that the child's non-custodial parent pays for their financial needs.

Considering reverse mortgages in a grey divorce

It is true that not all marriages are happy and will last. Married couples in Tennessee understand that once a couple decides to part ways, they have serious financial issues they need to consider. Although the emotional and stressful components of a divorce affect the separating couple, these can worsen when they begin discussing and disputing property division.

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