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November 2013 Archives

Murdoch divorce amicable and property division smooth

Media baron Rupert Murdoch and wife have separated amicably and are headed toward divorce. He will keep a slew of multimillion-dollar properties, and she will take a penthouse bought eight years ago for $44 million. They also agreed to put the family yacht up for sale.

The do's and don'ts of child custody and parenting time

Parenting time or visitation in Tennessee often becomes a contentious issue between former spouses and can end up in a legal battle. What is meant to foster healthy child development by allowing quality time with a noncustodial parent can become something definitely not in the best interests of the child.

Divorced gay man challenges ruling on visitation rights

Most divorced parents will agree on one thing: Whatever the reasons behind their marital discord and separation, at the end of the day, their children's well-being comes first. Thus they trudge through contentious issues such as physical custody, child support and schooling, always with the best interests of their children in mind.

Child-custody issues during divorce prove traumatic

More often than not, child-custody disputes and issues related to visitation rights can be traumatic for couples during divorce proceedings in Tennessee, Kentucky or elsewhere. For one man currently undergoing divorce proceedings, it portends devastation. His first child from a previous union disappeared while at elementary school more than 3 years ago.Now the distraught father could lose child custody of his daughter from his estranged wife.

Child support not the same as child custody or fatherhood

Most Tennessee couples would agree that planning to obtain a divorce is a very big step. Not only does it involve emotional and financial issues but it also involves the future of the divorcing couple's children. One of the most contentious issues in a divorce is either related to child custody or payment of child support. Father's often complain about having to bear the complete expenses of child support, whereas mothers complain that their financial needs as single mothers are not being taken care of by the system.

Asset division, a major issue in Oprah Winfrey's father's divorce

Tennessee residents must have heard of the recent verdict by the Tennessee Supreme Court granting divorce to talk show celebrity Oprah Winfrey's father and her stepmother. The divorce proceeding culminated one-and-a-half years after the celebrity's parents separated due to allegations of infidelity.

Retirement plays major role in post-divorce property division

Some Tennessee couples would agree that sometimes, despite working hard to make their relationship work, divorce is inevitable. Even the couples who have enjoyed many years together and who have planned for a financially secure future end up separating. Property division following the end of long-term marriages can become quite complex because usually the couple's finances are completely entangled due to joint ownership of various assets.

Tennessee Supreme Court allows modification of child custody plan

Most Tennessee parents would agree that their children are their greatest joy. That is why, in divorce proceedings, child custody and visitation rights are often contentious. The parents' divorce can have a long-term impact on a child and thus, a proper parenting plan that protects the best interests of the child is essential.

Father wins child custody four years after son's abduction

Most Tennessee couples may agree that parents go out of their way to do everything for their child and to be there for him or her. However, a mother went to such lengths to be with her son that she committed an international abduction of her child. The child was recently reunited with his father after four years.

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