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March 2014 Archives

Tennessee Foster Parents of the Year 2013 announced

There are many children of various ages in Montgomery and other places in Tennessee who are involved in a child custody dispute among two parents. In one way, these children are lucky because they at least have both parents who love and care for them. There are however many children who are abandoned by their parents or are put up for adoption for various reasons. Many of these children find a home due to the care and affection displayed by foster parents across the state.

Mother claims child support through paternity lawsuit

Many parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, understand the importance of the money received as support from a non-custodial parent of a child. As a result, child support claims are common in court houses across the state at any given time.

Billionaire allowed to keep business assets in divorce settlement

Many Tennessee residents might expect property division during divorce to be especially complicated for owners of businesses. This is particularly true because assessing the value of business assets can become complicated. As a result, many separating spouses comingle personal and business assets to make the distinction between marital and nonmarital properties impossible to distinguish.

Couple from Tennessee challenge overturned adoption

There are a large number of adoptive couples in Tennessee who have opened the doors of their homes to accommodate children who were put up for adoption. In many such adoption cases, the adoptive parents have sole custody of the child and the child's biological parents have no contact with the child because they are either unable or unfit to provide for the child's needs.

Father challenges adoption by Tennessee family and adoption law

With changing times, many fathers in Montgomery, Tennessee, and other parts of the country are expressing their intention to obtain primary custody of their children. They are also becoming more vocal in matters related to their biological children and the decisions that they choose to make about their children's lives. The laws have evolved over time and the present day judicial system in Tennessee shows a great deal of respect to fathers' rights.

Custodial parent not pressing charges against mother

People in Montgomery, Tennessee, who are contemplating divorce, would agree that at the time of the divorce, child custody and child support can be complex for both spouses. Child support helps provide a comfortable life for an innocent child who, unfortunately, may also become an integral part of divorce proceedings.

Business assets can be protected during divorce in Tennessee

The average rate of divorce in the United States is a staggering 52 percent for first marriages and an even more remarkable 70-plus percent for subsequent marriages. Tennessee far exceeds the average and ranks among the top 10 states in terms of divorce frequency. Clarksville, Tennessee, couples who want to protect assets during a divorce will find it no easy task when the asset division involves complex investments and business debt pertaining to a jointly owned company.

Tennessee bill may bring changes to child custody arrangements

As many people in Clarksville will agree, drafting a parenting plan after divorce or separation is one of the most important tasks for any couple because this plan will directly impact the health and well-being of a child. The best interests of the child must be the primary consideration of any custody and visitation plan drafted by parents and reviewed by the court.

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