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April 2014 Archives

Ex-player blames homelessness for failure to pay child support

One of the final stages of divorce for families with children is determining who will have custody. Laws in all states, including Tennessee, usually require the parent who does not have custody to pay child support to meet the child's financial needs. Sometimes, though, life events make paying child support hard even if a noncustodial parent wants to do the right thing.

Tax liabilities can be tough for separating couples in Tennessee

There are many people in Montgomery, Tennessee who are recently separated or are in the midst of a divorce proceeding at the moment. Such couples should remember that once a marriage is dissolved, tax liabilities of an individual can be affected severely. Therefore, during the asset division stage of divorce proceedings, both separating spouses should be careful while claiming any property as their individual asset.

Are LGBT parents treated fairly in Tennessee courts?

There would surely be some Montgomery, Tennessee residents who would agree that sexual orientation is something that is a man or woman's personal choice. In the United States and other parts of the world, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals have started to gain acceptance in their respective societies. Over time, legislation in different parts of the United States and other countries around the world have started recognizing the rights of the LGBT community.

Minimizing investment losses during property division

Once a marriage falls apart, couples have to make important decisions about the division of assets and debts that they have accumulated during their marriage. In Tennessee, an equitable division state, divorcing spouses are each entitled to a share of the marital estate. But, equitable division does not necessarily mean an equal split of the assets.

Doctor loses license for non-payment of child support

Children are often the worst affected in a divorce. The emotional turbulence hits them hard and and parents should always try to keep the best interests of the child in mind and try to avoid difficult custody disputes. Every child needs financial support for everyday needs like food, clothes and medical care Therefore, Montgomery, Tennessee, residents would agree that the child support system is essential for the healthy upbringing of the child.

Singer's wife files for divorce in Tennessee; seeks child custody

In the aftermath of a divorce, one of the major issues that any separating couple in Clarksville, Tennessee, or anywhere else in the country, argues about is the custody of the children. Similarly, disputes over child custody may also exist between unmarried couples. In such cases, courts play a crucial role in deciding on the type of parenting plan that will be in the best interests of the child.

Father gains sole child custody after three-year dispute

Many Tennessee residents probably remember a time when courts routinely treated men unfairly when it came to some family matters. The practice stemmed from the general legal establishment's belief in the tender years' doctrine that believed the best interests of a child were better served the mother. However, that is no longer the case and fathers' rights have evolved and gained acceptance in courts in Tennessee and the rest of the United States.

Managing personal finances before property division begins

Although most people who enter marriage here in Tennessee imagine theirs will withstand the test of time, the truth is that many of them fall apart despite the best efforts of one or both spouses to keep them alive. One major issue that both parties must then deal with, especially if they have been together many years, is asset division.

Service members' husbands lack support; divorce rates rise

People of Montgomery, Tennessee should be aware of the numerous compromises that members of the United States military make in order to ensure the safety of the country. In many cases, while the service members are able protect the country from danger, they are unable to save their marriage from falling apart.

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