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July 2014 Archives

It may be wiser to keep children out of child support disputes

It may come as a surprise to many Tennessee residents, but unpaid child support in 2011 stood at an astounding $14 billion nationwide according to the United States Census Bureau. Surprisingly, only 43 percent of the 6.3 million custodial parents in the country, who averaged $6,050 monthly, received child support that was due to them and their children. The majority of parents who did not receive child support were women and many of them were living in poverty.

Responsible fatherhood grants can help Tennessee fathers

Many Tennessee residents may understand that according to the Claims Resolution Act of 2010, the federal government provides $150 million every year to various agencies to promote healthy marriages and fatherhood. Of the total amount, $75 million is dedicated to activities that promote fatherhood. The Responsible Fatherhood Programs are monitored by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families' Office of Family Assistance.

Clerical error turns father into child support delinquent

In the United States, courts order a non-custodial parent to pay child support in order to ensure that a child's best interests are protected at all times. The money that a custodial parent receives in the form of child support is utilized to meet the child's financial requirements. Therefore, when child support payments are not received on time, many custodial parents and children face substantial financial difficulties. To avoid such issues, child support payments are deducted from a non-custodial parent's paycheck.

Co-parenting can be beneficial for children of divorced parents

Many residents of Clarksville, Tennessee wouldn't be surprised to know that, according to recent reports, 40 percent of first marriages and 60 percent of second marriages in the country end in divorce. As a result, more than one million children witness their parents' divorce every year. The emotional distress that these children experience during and after a divorce can often be far greater than what their parents experience.

Rockstar, ex-lover fail to reach agreement over child support

In Tennessee, the amount a custodial parent receives from a non-custodial parent is determined by the court and is based on the best interests of the child and life's circumstances, likely to be unique to that particular case. When these circumstances change significantly, there often comes the need to seek modifications in the child support to meet the child's increased day-to-day requirements.

Prenuptial agreements can ease property division after divorce

In terms of marital property, although Tennessee is an equitable division state, a common issue plaguing many separating couples in Tennessee is division of property at the time of divorce. While some couples are able to decide on property division without intervention from outsiders, a large number of separating couples disagree over property division and subsequently end up in court.

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