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August 2014 Archives

Which factors do courts consider when relocating a child?

For any parent in Tennessee, or elsewhere in the U.S., planning carefully before relocating a child after a divorce is extremely crucial when it comes to protecting the best interests of the child. A couple of months ago, a post on this blog discussed the planning that is required if a parent wishes to relocate with his or her child after a divorce. The planning stage generally involves counseling the child in preparation for relocating, identifying a school that the child will attend after relocation and seeking orders from the court to facilitate the move.

International adoptions and Tennessee parents

A couple from Tennessee who wishes to adopt a child from abroad must deal with a number of state, federal and international regulations that govern international adoptions. Per existing practices, a child from abroad is usually adopted within their original country and then is "re-adopted" once the family has returned to the United States. Upon return, formalities within the state's requirements need to be completed to finalize the adoption.

Some important assets not to ignore during property division

When a Tennessee couple heads for divorce, is the spouses are usually prepared for an equitable division of property as directed by Tennessee law. However, sometimes spouses overlook assets and debts, which are a part of marital property and as a result emerge from the courtroom feeling that they have been treated unfairly. Therefore, it is important for divorcing spouses to address some crucial financial areas that can have a significant impact on asset division at the time of divorce.

Dividing complex and business assets during divorce in Tennessee

For some Tennessee couples who decide to divorce, one of the major decisions that they need to make involves business and other complex assets that the husband and wife own together. At the end of a marriage, the parties must divide their marital property, including whatever complex assets and business assets they may own together.

What is the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act?

With active deployment and regular relocations an inevitability in the military, life is difficult for Tennessee military personnel and their spouses. As a result, many marriages end in divorce. One major concern is child custody. Many child custody disputes involving military personnel are heard in family courts around Tennessee and the rest of the country.

The rights of unmarried fathers in Tennessee

There used to be a time when courts considered that the best interests of the child could only be preserved when the child stayed with the mother. The tenders' doctrine, as this practice was known, led to many child custody and visitation cases being settled in favor of the mother, without paying adequate attention to a father's pleas for child custody, even when that father was mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for his child.

How do Tennessee courts define parenting plans?

In the U.S., there are many parents who are either divorced, are in the process of getting a divorce or are contemplating a divorce. Parents understand how critical the issue of child custody and visitation are. To make it more civilized, courts in Tennessee prefer to refer to child custody and visitation rights as parenting plans.

Tennessee man had to pay child support twice

Tennessee residents can often agree that children are affected the worst during divorces. Not only do they face the emotional turmoil of their family breaking apart, but the custodial parent may also face financial insecurities as well. Who will cater to the children's expenses, including food, clothing, schooling and medical expenses? These are the questions that haunt many people's minds when families break up.

What is the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act?

Due to the nearby United States Army's Fort Campbell installation, the area around Clarksville, Tennessee, is home to many military families. Like civilian families, many couples in the military have marital issues, which can lead to divorce. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act is an act that provides benefits to the ex-spouses of service members.

Memphis nonprofit offers training to foster parents

Due to the inability of their biological family to provide them with a secure and stable environment, many children in the United States are being raised in foster homes. In Tennessee, the Department of Child Services is entrusted with the responsibility of providing a temporary home for such children. The DCS selects foster families who are capable of supporting the children during their formative years and catering to their social and emotional needs.

Some important points for dividing a house after divorce

For many couples in Clarksville, Tennessee, owning a home is a life-long dream and is valuable to the couple. Sadly, many marriages fall apart and they fight over their home. Because Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, the primary residential home is often discussed during property division.

Property division per prenup for hedge-fund billionaire's divorce

Clarksville, Tennessee, residents may agree that one of the most contested issues during divorce is property division. Separating spouses can intensify the competition when the property at stake runs into billions of dollars. High asset divorces in Tennessee and the rest of the country often witness some of the most intense and nasty battles over property division.

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