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September 2014 Archives

Can a forensic accountant help with divorce property division?

Many Tennessee couples know that dividing complex assets, such as a business, retirement accounts and stock and bonds is quite a task for divorce proceedings. As a result, many divorced couples complain that property division was not equitable. Consequently, relationships sour and many estranged couples take the matter to court in order to ensure equitable division of marital assets and debts.

Programs that promote responsible fatherhood for Tennessee dads

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services runs the Responsible Fatherhood Grants Program through the Administration for Children & Families Office of Family Assistance. This program is part of a $150 million annual effort to promote healthy marriages and responsible fatherhood for Tennessee fathers and those across the United States.

FBI foils probable international abduction; mother arrested

If a child custody dispute heats up, a parent often ends up making a hasty decision and, as a result, the parent ends up on the wrong side of the law. Clarksville, Tennessee, residents may have come across a recent news report about one such child custody dispute, which involved a 4-year-old boy with American and Chinese citizenship, an American father, a Chinese mother, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a United Airlines flight en route to Beijing that returned to the U.S. five hours after takeoff.

Seeking modifications in a child support order

Divorced parents in Tennessee may agree that child support can sometimes become difficult for the non-custodial parent. That parent may be unable to meet the court-ordered child support obligations because of "substantial changes" in life's circumstances such as unemployment, remarriage or a physical condition that prevents the supporting parent from earning an income. The wisest option is to seek modifications in the child support order and not have to deal with legal consequences.

A military divorce needs to be handled differently

Clarksville, Tennessee, residents may agree that for the most part, a service member's life differs from that of a civilian. However, when it comes to familial issues, many military personnel and their families experience the same set of challenges as a civilian family.

How is information shared during a legal "discovery" process?

After filing for divorce, spouses must disclose details pertaining to their financial and personal situation. This process, known as "discovery," involves exchanging information related to assets, debts and income. Tennessee law requires discovery; state courts utilize this information for an equitable division of property and to make important decisions pertaining to support obligations.

Unmarried fathers' rights to child custody and visitation

Unmarried fathers' rights to child custody and visitation are often a point of discussion and debate on various forums. Every state has its own set of definitions for terms such as "father" or "parent," and those definitions can have a significant impact on how courts consider child custody or visitation cases involving an unmarried father. Recently, a post on this blog discussed those definitions and provided an overview of the rights of unmarried fathers in Tennessee.

Tennessee stepmom loses custody after raising boy for seven years

Losing custody of a child is a tormenting experience for any parent. The same applies when the parent was not the biological father or mother but raised the child as a step-parent or foster parent. Recent news of one such child custody dispute between a foster family from Tennessee and the child's biological father made headlines across the nation, with a final verdict yet to be given.

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