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October 2014 Archives

What are the basic parental relocation laws in Tennessee?

When life's circumstances change, many separated parents in Tennessee relocate. However, since those parents have children, relocation to another city or state has to comply with certain rules and regulations per Tennessee law. These laws have been put in place to ensure that a child's relationship with his or her parents is not hampered due to relocation.

UCCJEA and child custody from a Tennessee parent's viewpoint

Some Tennessee residents with former spouses now living in other states may be parents sharing the custody of their child across state borders. These parents would agree that when parents of a child live in different states, child custody and visitation can pose some serious challenges.

Ignoring retirement assets during property division a big mistake

Many Tennessee residents may agree that when couples divorce, property division is often the most complicated aspect of the separation. According to Tennessee laws, all marital property is equitably distributed in the event of a divorce. Marital property in Tennessee includes all assets and debts that a couple has accumulated during the course of the marriage as well as all business assets and individual retirement accounts. However, IRAs are often overlooked by divorcing spouses.

Establishing paternity in the state of Tennessee

With fathers' rights evolving over time, many unmarried fathers in Tennessee as well as in the rest of the United States, are voluntarily stepping forward to acknowledge their paternity. However, establishing paternity requires that a father follows certain rules to gain parental rights over a child. In fact, establishing paternity is one of the primary requirements of a child support arrangement, which goes a long way to protect the best interests of a child.

Helping Tennessee non-custodial parents meet child support

Regardless of whether a Tennessee couple stays married or gets a divorce, once two people cross the threshold of parenthood they have a responsibility to the children until they attain adulthood. For divorcees, the role of each parent may sometimes become clear, with one parent doing the care-giving and other taking of the financial burden. In such cases, there are times when the non-custodial parent responsible for paying child support becomes financially challenged.

How does a military divorce work in Tennessee?

The lives of those in Tennessee serving in the armed forces may seem extraordinary and highly difficult, especially for those serving abroad and in combat. In terms of their personal lives, however, soldiers and veterans tend to go through issues that are common to civilians. Some of these may have nuances corresponding to the peculiarities of the military way of life, which is why, when they deal with civil law, there are some aspects of the law that are modified for serving soldiers.

Tennessee surrogate mother in custody dispute over unborn child

Many residents of Clarksville, Tennessee, would agree that a woman becomes a mother the moment she learns that she is going to have a baby. But some mothers keep their emotions under control and lend their wombs to childless couples so that they too can experience the joy of parenthood. They conceive the child through artificial insemination. After birth, the child is adopted by other parents. One such surrogate mother from Tennessee recently grabbed national media attention.

Significant variance mandatory for child support modification

As many separated Tennessee parents would agree, life's changing circumstances sometimes calls for modification in existing child support or child custody orders. The modifications can be sought by custodial parents who feel that the monthly child support payments are inadequate to cover the child's expenses. Similarly, non-custodial parents may also want modifications of child support orders due to factors such as relocation, job changes or if job loss makes the existing child support a burden.

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