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November 2014 Archives

How do federal laws protect divorcing deployed service members?

Service members anywhere in the country, especially those at Fort Campbell and around northern Tennessee and southern Kentucky, know that military life can be challenging. For those who have families, active deployment and periodic relocations make it difficult for service members to spend enough time with them; as a result, many marriages end in divorce. Service members who are going through divorce have certain protections that address certain situations such as deployment away from home.

Tennessee gets D grade for failure to support shared parenting

Until the last two decades or so, most courts in Tennessee and the rest of the country tended to award custody of a couple's children to the mother based on the idea that mothers not only naturally knew what was best for young children but also could provide it more readily than fathers. Research, however, has show that shared parenting after divorce or separation actually provides more emotional support to children because it allows them to maintain strong ties with both parents.

Do you need modifications in your divorce decree?

Clarksville, Tennessee, residents know that life does not remain the same after a divorce. During the divorce process, issues like parenting time, child and spousal support and property division take an emotional, as well as a financial, toll on most people. As a result, there are significant changes in one's circumstances, which may require a newly divorced person to make some critical decisions in order to protect future interests.

Overview of the Tennessee Community Property Trust Act

Many Montgomery County residents would agree that property division between spouses can be a highly contested area of a divorce. Since Tennessee is an equitable division state, it is not a foregone conclusion that a divorcing spouse will receive a 50 percent share of all property. Instead, a judge will decide the equitable division by considering the socio-economic circumstances of both spouses. However, there are state provisions that can ensure an equal division of marital property in the event of a divorce.

Child custody, divorce and the Tennessee Parenting Education

The University of Tennessee Extension Office offers parenting education seminars in 65 counties across the state. These seminars are one class or a succession of classes that provide parents the information needed to deal with each other and their children during the divorce process and after a divorce is finalized.

What is the role of the Child Support Services Department?

The Tennessee Child Support Services Department assists applicant parents with various issues while keeping in mind the best interests of the child and the child's parents. First and foremost, the department requires parents to abide by certain rules formulated for their own interests. For example, parents need to notify the department when their phone numbers or addresses change and the department also requires parents to cooperate and return any money sent in error.

Tennessee man dances in bank to celebrate end of alimony payments

Along with the child-centric aspects of divorce, such as child custody and child support, monetary issues, such as alimony and property division, are also a highly contested area. Couples often spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money before reaching an agreement over these issues either in court or outside of it. What a judge rules or what the mutual agreement states must be followed by both spouses.

How can a former military spouse apply for support payments?

There are many military families living in and around Clarksville, Tennessee, who understand that there are certain differences between military and civilian marriages. Like marriages, military divorces are somewhat different too. In fact, a number of issues related to a military divorce are often slightly different from the issues facing civilians ending their marriage. One such issue is obtaining child support or alimony from a former spouse who is either serving in the United States military or retired from it.

Halle Berry seeks child support modification

Tennessee child support tussles are almost as common as divorces in the United States, including the state of Tennessee. In a recent high profile child support case, actress Halle Berry is seeking a reduction in the payments she makes towards child support to her ex-boyfriend. The Oscar-winning actress pays child support for her six year old daughter to her ex Gabriel Aubry, who is a French-Canadian model. Berry and Aubry share the custody of their child.

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