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March 2015 Archives

How property division can affect gray divorces in Tennessee

Divorce typically raises many tough issues for couples to address. For younger couples with minor children, the worst of these are usually about child custody and child support. For older couples, though, spousal support and property division are often the toughest nuts to crack anywhere, including Tennessee.

Expenses a prospective parent in Tennessee may incur for adoption

Child adoption plans in Clarksville, Tennessee, can be concerning for the parents, especially when it comes to the cost involved. Just like the costs involved in pregnancy and childbirth, the initial costs for an adoption process can pose a great financial challenge for the parents. However, with research and planning, those expenses may be manageable.

Tennessee Pension rights in divorce property division

Many Tennessee residents older than age 60 are, in increasing numbers, divorcing after decades of marriage. A late-life divorce has many different implications for adult children and retirement benefits which may be are considered marital assets. In many cases, retirement and pension accounts fall within the purview of property division as part of a divorce proceeding.

DNA testing for determination of paternity in Tennessee

Paternity issues are usually the most contentious legal battles in Tennessee. In many cases where the child is born to unwed parents, the mother may want to establish paternity in order to obtain child support for the well-being of the minor child.

How the Hague Convention protects abducted children's interests

Child custody is often a sensitive and bitter battle between estranged biological parents of minor children. In many cases, a Tennessee family judge may decide that the best interest of the children is to give sole custody to one parent or joint custody with primary custody to one parent who may relocate an inconvenient distance from the non-custodial parent. Many biological parents are often desperate to spend more time with their children. In many cases, parents have abducted their own children out of frustration with a court ruling.

Resolving child custody and visitation issues in Tennessee

Child custody issues are important and often one of the most controversial aspects of family law cases. Determining the best interest of the child in order to decide child custody may become a tricky issue under Tennessee law. Steven C. Girsky, the founding attorney of our firm, has extensive experience dealing with family law cases relating to child custody and visitation rights.

Authorities report lowest military divorce rate in a decade

Many people in Clarksville, Tennessee, will agree that maintaining a happy married life, while serving in the military, is often difficult. As a result, many service members' marriages end up in a military divorce. In fact, at one point, the divorce rates among military members raised many eyebrows in the country. That was the time period when many American soldiers were in active deployment in various parts of the world. However, the situation has changed since then and divorce rates released recently tell a different story.

Why did Tennessee adopt the UIFSA 2008 Amendments?

Many children and their custodial parents in Montgomery County are child support recipients. They may be aware that every state, including Tennessee, has its own set of child support laws and most matters pertaining to child support conform to those particular state laws. However, in certain cases of child support delinquency, federal laws may also be applicable.

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