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April 2015 Archives

Measures taken across the country for equal child custody rights

Many single fathers may feel that although Tennessee family laws recognize fathers' rights and the laws have evolved beyond the Tender Years Doctrine of the past -- which presumed that the best interest of the child is only served by placing the child with the mother -- it is still very difficult for many fathers to obtain equal child custody after a divorce. Fathers across the country have the same opinion and have taken their custody disputes beyond the courtroom and into their state's legislative houses.

Equitable division of marital property in Tennessee

Many divorced spouses in Tennessee agree that the outcome of property division after a divorce is a matter of serious concern. Marital property refers to all tangible and intangible personal property, purchased or acquired by either or both the spouses during the course of the marriage.

Understanding child custody and visitation laws in Tennessee

Many Tennessee parents are divorced or may be contemplating a divorce. A serious concern for people in this situation can be child custody arrangements after legal separation is completed. If a child custody battle ends up in Tennessee family court, the judge, not the parents, will decide this issue, always keeping the best interests of the child ahead of all other issues.

How property can be fairly divided after a divorce in Tennessee

Any Tennessee resident who has had the misfortune of divorcing after years together with a spouse might agree that dividing assets and property is a serious matter with long-term consequences. Tennessee law requires that marital properties be equitably divided between the spouses. A family law judge, however, has some leeway in considering the financial situations of both spouses and dividing property in ways that satisfy the goal of fairness. More information on property division is available in an earlier post.

Child support and considerations when relocating after divorce

Divorced residents of Tennessee might agree that the finalization of a divorce is not always the end of divorce issues. Post-divorce issues, such as child support modification or relocation, are equally stressful and may require intervention by the court.

Military divorce and its complications in Tennessee

In Tennessee, divorce cases may broadly be classified as fault or no fault cases. Fault cases generally include those where either party is accused of any form of misconduct. The no fault divorce cases are usually those in which there's an irreconcilable difference between the spouses. Divorce cases include issues like child custody, visitation rights, child support, division of property and spousal support. But when it comes to military divorce cases, matters tend to get a little more complex.

Rock star to pay more as child support to wife and child

Spouses who are in the midst of contentious child support cases in Clarksville, Tennessee, may be interested in learning that the long battle between rocker Liam Gallagher and the mother of one of his children is officially over. The couple recently ended their legal battle in family court had met five years ago when Gallagher, who is the vocalist for the British rock band, Oasis, met the woman when she was writing a story about him.

Points to consider before relocating with children after divorce

Couples trying to work out custody battles in Clarksville, Tennessee, are often upset by the idea of relocation. There are times when a couple sticks together no matter what, for the sake of their children. However, if all else fails, divorce may be the only choice left, and with it comes the difficulty that the non-custodial parent faces if that parent wishes to relocate. Divorce and relocation affects not only the children but it also affects the parents as well; many things must be considered before making such a major decision.

We help parents in Clarksville modify child support orders

Divorced parents in Clarksville, Tennessee, may seek a modification in their child support order if the non-custodial parent is unable to meet the obligations ordered by the court. This may be because of certain unavoidable changes in life such as unemployment or failing health conditions. Seeking a modification is a more viable option than dealing with the legal complications of non-payment. But before approaching the court, that parent may have to understand the law regarding modifications and which circumstances can actually qualify for seeking a modification.

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