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May 2015 Archives

A few mistakes can cost dearly during divorce proceedings

For couples everywhere, including those in Tennessee, divorce not only breaks hearts but can also take a financial toll. For these reasons, anyone who is considering divorce should try their best to set emotions aside and approach the process of property division carefully and rationally.

How missing child-support payments affects passport applications

As many Tennessee residents know, judicial decisions made during a divorce are often critical in determining how children will adjust to big changes in their lives. Spouses may feel optimistic about the future, but children are often extremely anxious and uncertain because they may have to move and often see one parent less frequently. This is obviously the most common outcome when one parent is awarded custody and the other is ordered to pay child support.

Marriage too often a casualty of active duty deployments

Active military deployments are incredibly stressful on service members serving in combat zones and in combat missions. The last thing any of them need is to battle with spouses over divorce issues such as child custody, spousal or child support and property division. Fortunately, the military and Congress understand the problem and are doing what they can to ease the burden.

Steps to take after courts finalizes property division terms

Many would say that the most important aspect of a divorce is property division because how an individual spends the person's life following a divorce depends largely on the financial resources at hand. Courts in Tennessee understand this concept and courts issue judgments that are meant to divide a couple's marital property equitably.

Mediation for solving custody, visitation issues -- Part II

The previous post on our blog discussed some of the basics regarding court-ordered child custody and visitation rights dispute mediation in Tennessee. Generally, the court orders such mediation to ensure that a family law dispute is resolved peacefully and privately. However, certain situations may lead a parent to become apprehensive about the session. For example, a domestic violence victim may feel insecure; however, in such cases, the courts have provisions that are meant to protect those people who feel threatened.

Mediation for solving custody, visitation rights issues -- Part I

Disagreements over child custody and visitation rights are common in divorces. In fact, those disputes can sometimes escalate to such an extent that the bitterness between separating spouses affects the best interest of the child, especially if the child custody and visitation disputes are fought in court. This is one reason why courts in Tennessee and in the rest of the U.S. often recommend that separating parents attend mediation sessions before entering into litigation over a child custody or visitation rights dispute.

What is the Tennessee Investment Services Trust Act of 2007?

Many people would agree that one of the most contentious issues at the time of divorce is property division, even though Tennessee laws mandate an equitable division of marital property. Thankfully, over the past few years, a number of new laws have been passed by the Tennessee legislature and those laws have provisions that enable spouses to deal with property division issues. In an earlier post, we talked about the Tennessee Community Property Trust Act and its pros and cons for married couples.

Child support enforcement is in the child's best interest

There are many custodial parents and children in Montgomery, Tennessee, for whom monthly child support payments are very important in order to meet their day-to-day expenses. Therefore, when these custodial parents and children do not receive child support on time, they seek help from authorities to enforce the child support order. Recently, however, a number of questions have been raised about Tennessee's efforts with child support enforcement. An earlier blog post discussed that particular situation.

How does military income change child support determinations?

Like civilian families, military families live in and around Clarksville, Tennessee, experience the ups and downs of family life, which may sometimes end in divorce. Like civilians, military families also have to deal with issues such as child support during the military divorce process. However, in a military member's case, the determination of income is somewhat different than with civilians because of factors such as military allowances and other income, which are not applicable to civilians.

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