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Tennessee military deployment consideration for divorce

Military families sacrifice a lot to serve the needs of the state of Tennessee, the United States and the entire world as a whole. Due to the stress associated with the sacrifice some military families make, it can be a contributing factor to divorce. When a military couple decides to divorce, the military aspect does add an interesting twist to the procedure. If one or both married couples are or were involved in the military, it will affect divorce proceedings.

A few tips on how to recover financially after a divorce

There are many reasons those recently divorced may be feeling the pinch of tight finances. Since it is cheaper living married than single, the recently divorced are already at a disadvantage. Couple that with any costs associated with the divorce and the property division and it can really do a number on a person's finances. There are a few ways for those living the newly single life to recover financially after such a big life change.

Child custody plan important to both parent and child

If you are a parent who is going through a divorce, child custody is likely a top concern. You want to make sure that you are not jeopardizing the health of or relationship with your child. How do you avoid any unnecessary stress and negativity during this process? Ideally the less drawn out the process, the better it is for parent and child.

How can a military member affect divorce proceedings?

Regardless if a family is or is not involved in the military, divorce can be an emotionally difficult time of change. Whether it involves a couple or two married couples and their kids, military families have to deal with the same issues as regular non-military families. Issues such as child custody and property division are familiar to non-military and military members alike. There are some federal laws that govern certain aspects of divorce for current and past military members and their families.

Marital debts count as marital property in TN asset division

A problem for many married couples today is the amount of debt they incur while married. Everything from mortgages, auto loans and even credit card debt can be considered debt that is appropriated to both parties. Sometimes poor financial situations can even be a factor in a Montgomery County couple's decision to get a divorce. For those in a tough spot financially, how a couple's debt is divided is crucial in divorce proceedings.

CEO and ex-wife reach property division and divorce settlement

When it comes to divorce, dividing assets can be one of the most complicated and divisive issues. This is especially true for couples who have a high net worth or are business owners. The public divorce of the CEO of Citadel and his wife was of interest to not only divorce tabloids, but business journals who were concerned about what it meant for the future of the hedge fund Citadel.

Montgomery county marriage and divorce statistics, 2013

When it comes to divorce, many Montgomery residents are not disillusioned about the possibility of their marriage failing. All over the country and within the state, once happily married couples make the decision to divorce. Each individual situation has complicated circumstances and a certain story behind it. Although each divorce story is more than just a statistic, the Tennessee department of health has broken marriage and divorce rates down from the year of 2013.

Child interests and fathers' rights concerning child custody

As some Montgomery county fathers know all too well, trying to get an appropriate level of child custody can lead to a dispute. These disputes can originate for a multitude of reasons, however the answer to many fathers' child custody disputes may reside with a decision in family court. When the courts look at requests for a change in child custody there are many factors weighed into consideration before making a decision. A large part of the decision has to do with what is in the best interest of the child.

What items are considered marital property in Tennessee?

One of the common concerns for those in the process of a divorce is how their asset and income division will be handled. The basis is that property and assets are to be divided fairly between the two parties. This does not necessarily mean that each party will receive half of each asset. For example, how can each party receive half of the family home? However, there are ways of making the asset division as equitable as possible.

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