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December 2015 Archives

Dissolution of marriage possible for deployed TN military members

Military members are responsible for national security. Sometimes the weight of that and other responsibilities can overwhelm a soldier, ultimately spilling over and causing strife in their personal life. For some military members and their families, this can result in the desire for a divorce.

New Year's Resolutions for Tennessee's divorced or soon-to-be

Whether you have just completed a divorce, are in the process or are thinking of beginning the divorce process, the New Year is a coveted holiday for those seeking a chance to start fresh. This is why New Year is a perfect holiday to give yourself the gift of re-birth. Divorce, while life-changing, can be great news for those who have been thinking of getting out of a lifeless marriage. Here are some divorce-specific rules to go by this new year.

Unmarried fathers' rights goals and best interests of child

When someone brings up the term, fathers' rights, what is it that they mean? The reality is that the fathers' rights movement has been in full swing since the 1960s. The movement started in response to unmarried father's inability to make decisions for or spend time with their child. Obtaining fathers' rights can be a simple or a multi-step process depending on the family's situation.

Can retirement accounts be divided in a divorce?

For many married couples living in Tennessee, the original commitment does not last. While there are many reasons that this could happen, what really matters is what happens next. Finances are always a top concern among those going through a divorce, and what to do with retirement accounts may be big question mark on the list.

When may child support modification be needed?

There are so many factors that make up raising a child from a baby into a full grown adult. A parent's careful attention and unconditional love are obviously huge factors, but more goes into it than that. In order to live a fruitful and comfortable life, raising a child takes financial support. This is why parents in Tennessee who are no longer together must contribute, either voluntarily or by court order, to expenses related to rearing a child. Sometimes these court-ordered contributions, also called child support, need modification from their original plan.

Montgomery County parents seeking child custody look no further

Going through a divorce, or any other situation where a child custody arrangement is applicable, can be a confusing time. All you want is to be a part of your child's life in a meaningful way. Regardless if you are seeking shared or full custody, every parent needs access to knowledgeable and professional counsel if they so desire. This can be especially useful if a parent does not understand the process of obtaining child custody in the state of Tennessee.

Tennessee parents have child custody concerns during the holidays

It's that time of the year again. The time where many in Tennessee are celebrating holidays with friends and family. Whatever the holiday particular to you and your family, there is always a lot for parents to think about this time of the year. This is why it is best to be prepared for how one's child custody arrangement will play out during these holidays. If they are not in agreement with regards to their holiday child custody and visitation schedule, parents sharing child custody may find this is a difficult time of year.

Should parents seek joint custody of their child?

Families come in many different shapes and sizes these days. Not every family has a mother or father living in the same household. However, this doesn't mean that mothers and fathers can't share custody of a child. Some parents in Montgomery County that are getting a divorce may want to consider a joint custody arrangement.

Tennessee's definition of 'father' concerning paternity

Historically, unwed fathers have been granted fewer paternal rights than unwed mothers and married parents in issues of child custody, paternity and fathers' rights. In recent years, fathers seeking parental rights have made great strides in securing legislation that supports their right to fatherhood. The Supreme Court has even gone as far as affirming constitutional protection for the relationship between child and biological father. While this is all in favor of fathers' rights, it is important to look to Tennessee state legislation on issues of family law.

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