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March 2016 Archives

Parenting plan can make child custody arrangement easier

If possible, Tennessee courts like divorced, or single parents to reach a level of communication and amicability that allows for cooperation on a parenting plan. A parenting plan is simply a document that outlines topics like pick-up and drop-off times, holiday arrangements or even big decisions like religious choices. Having a set and understood agreement can make all the difference in a joint custody or shared custody child arrangement. There are many reasons a co-parenting team should think about putting together a parenting plan.

Extracurricular expenses could qualify for TN child support

With spring on the horizon, many kids are looking for any excuse to get outside and play. Oftentimes, parents are feeling the same way after being cooped up inside over the winter months. You may be wondering how to get your child enrolled in an extracurricular activity to help them learn new skills. However, you may hesitate once looking at the prices associated with sports, camps or other extracurricular activities.

Child of rape can be subject to shared child custody arrangement

When it comes to difficult subjects to talk about, none is much tougher than the topic of rape or pregnancy resulting from that rape. But the reality is that some children are born because of a traumatic event like rape. In the state of Tennessee, it is possible that some parents of an alleged rape may be subject to a version of a split custody arrangement when a child is involved. It is important to note that parental rights are revoked in a scenario of convicted rape, not alleged rape.

How is a TN parenting agreement relevant to fathers' rights?

When it comes to the happiness and well-being of a child, most parents would agree that it is one of, if not their top, priority. This is true for parents who are cohabitating, as well as parents who are living apart. For some Tennessee fathers, protecting their paternity rights is vitally important so that they can foster a relationship with their children. This relationship can be better established when two unwed parents develop a parenting agreement.

Getting started: how marital property is divided in a TN divorce

So you are thinking about divorcing your spouse? Regardless of how long you have been married, there will certainly be issues to sort out. One of the issues that divorcing couples often have many questions about is the topic of property division. Most divorcing spouses must go through the process of property division, which is supposed to achieve an equitable division of assets and liabilities.

Don't stress over the asset division portion of your TN divorce

Attention to detail and patience are two great attributes to have during the property division portion of a Tennessee divorce. Depending on the amount of assets at issue, and the length of the marriage, property division can be a lengthy and difficult process. Although many couples think of property as items such as a house and a savings account, some couples have much more property that needs to be split in an asset division. Furthermore, liabilities like credit card debt or auto loans are often the responsibility of both parties in an asset division.

What kind of expenses does Tennessee child support cover?

When it comes to seeking child support from a non-custodial parent, many aren't sure where to begin. Factually speaking, child support is described as financial support from a parent that is not the primary custodial parent. Some may be misinformed that child support can only cover basic necessities like food or clothing. In reality, there are many expenses related to rearing a child that can be covered by Tennessee court-ordered child support.

Avoiding common mistakes post-child custody arrangement

Parents in Tennessee who are in the midst of a co-parenting arrangement know how difficult it can be to raise a child when the parent do not cohabitate. Whether the parent is recently split from an ex-spouse or has just finalized a child custody arrangement with the other parent, the parenting process can be more challenging than for parents who cohabitate. Common mistakes that parents make during this time of change can revolve around the high-emotions often felt by both parties. Losing your temper, using your child as a messenger and fighting in front of the child should all be avoided.

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