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May 2016 Archives

A military divorce requires experience, compassion and commitment

Most people would agree that all successful marriages require effort from both spouses. In a military marriage, this is usually truer than many new couples are prepared for. It can be extremely difficult to maintain a healthy relationship when one spouse is absent for extended periods. Further, after a period of deployment, the couple may find that their understanding of one another has undergone changes. For example, if one spouse has suffered through combat, he or she may come back and seem different than before. Extreme life experiences can do that to people.

As an unmarried dad, can I stop my child's adoption?

Unfortunately, many unmarried fathers do not understand how important it is to establish paternity. Failing to do so can result in the total loss of parental rights. This means your child can be adopted right out from under you in some cases. Taking the necessary steps to establish your paternity as early as possible is at this time the very best way to protect your parental rights.

Stressed Out About Getting A Divorce? Mediation May Be The Answer.

When it comes to divorce, even the simplest, most straightforward separation can be plagued with complexity, stress, and difficulty. From protecting your financial future to developing a plan for your children, you want someone guiding you along the way.

Child custody decisions can be made without money in mind

Going through a divorce is difficult for many reasons. One of the major difficulties involves trying to separate aspects of your shared lives that cannot easily be split. Another is trying to sort out the practical problems from the emotional ones.

What Can a Lawyer Do for Me When Going Through a Military Divorce?

Divorces where one or both parties are in the military present some unique challenges. Though the laws and procedures largely overlap with those that apply in civilian divorces, some distinct issues often arise in military divorces. These include dealing with deployments within the U.S. or overseas, filing or residency requirements, and how military benefits are affected or divided.

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