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June 2016 Archives

Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce

The famed heiress and daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, filed for divorce following her 10-year marriage to Michael Lockwood. Presley, who is believed to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce filing as the reason for the breakup. The official date of separation in the divorce has been listed as June 13.

Relocating children after divorce

As a parent, you always want the best for your children, and often that involves making difficult and possibly unpopular decisions. Planning to relocate to another city or state with children following a divorce can be a complicated matter that may be a hard sell for the other parent, grandparents, the children themselves and even the courts determining the terms of custody.

Paying or receiving spousal support? Know the tax implications

In Tennessee and other states, spousal support is the transfer of funds from one spouse to the other for his or her maintenance and support. Once a spousal support agreement is made, spouses seem to think that it the end of it once and for all. Few give any thought to the tax implications alimony payments can cause, especially for the person who will be receiving the support.

Why you may need a prenuptial agreement

When two people fall in love and decide to get married, the focus tends to shift to planning a wedding and honeymoon. However, in addition to exploring wedding venues and romantic destinations, individuals who plan to marry would also be wise to explore their options when it comes to protecting their assets and against liabilities.

Custodial interference is a real concern for some parents

For parents who have been dealing with repeated child custody violations, you now know what to call it. Custodial interference is a real legal term and it occurs when one parent attempts to interfere with or disrupt the other parent's physical time with the child. Unfortunately, many people in Tennessee face this problem every day. In most cases, interference behaviors are a blatant violation of child custody orders and could lead to criminal consequences for the offender.

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