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December 2016 Archives

Unmarried fathers have rights too

Millions of babies are born every year to unwed parents throughout the world. In a lot of situations, the mother is left to care for the baby on her own, and the father is nowhere to be found. However, many Tennessee fathers want to play a role in their child's upbringing, even have custody of the child, but the mother tries to prevent them from being involved in their children's lives.

4 things military families should know about adoption

For families with one or both partners enlisted in the military, expanding your family will certainly involve some special concerns. Depending on factors such as your status, position and branch, you may have to face the potential of unstable residence or deployment. These challenges, however, should not be seen as obstacles to parenthood. Members of the armed service who are thinking about adoption should take the following four factors into consideration.

Business owners and divorce in Tennessee

When a family business, or a personally-owned business, is a component in Tennessee divorce proceedings, it adds a higher level of complexity to the proceedings. For one, it is important to understand the true value of the business, and that can be difficult to determine clearly. That is because, in addition to the assets owned by the business, the business itself will also have a value, which the business owners may never have thought to consider before.

Military divorce: Pensions and benefits

Civilian retirement benefits are subject to division in a divorce. So too are military pensions. The Uniform Services Former Spouses' Protection Act states that courts can divide military retirement pay as community or sole property. However, the USFSPA does not offer an actual formula for division of military retirement benefits. Rather, it lets the local state court decide how the benefits will be split up.

Tennessee law and marital property

One of the most trying parts of divorce has to do with the divvying up of your marital assets. When more money is involved, asset division proceedings tend become more stressful and more complicated. One of the most important issues relating to marital property division is the definition of marital property itself. These definitions can vary from state to state, so let's take a look the way Tennessee law addresses this issue.

Planning ahead during your divorce

Before you take the final step of filing for divorce, take the time to smooth out the path ahead by making plans in advance. Depending on whether or not your divorce will be friendly, you may want to make plans together with your soon-to-be ex-spouse or on your own. Experts recommend that your plans address several key areas that will affect your life and finances.

Prenuptial agreements gaining popularity among millennials

Young adults from the so-called "millennial generation" are opting to sign prenuptial agreements before getting married. According to one prenup-signing millennial who is planning her wedding for next summer, the document is practical in this day and age, considering how common divorce has become.

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