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January 2017 Archives

Every divorce is different: Some more difficult than others

Even though Tennessee spouses enter into their marriages with the idea of "until death do us part," this may not be the case for every marriage. Indeed, sometimes spouses reach an impasse – a moment when they realize that nothing can be done to repair their relationship – and they decide that they and possibly their children will be healthier and happier if they go their separate ways.

How stepchild adoption works in Tennessee

The truth is, for the purposes of everyday life, many stepchildren already live as though they were adopted by their stepparent. Formalizing this arrangement legally can make a lot of sense, enabling the stepparent to participate fully in decisions about healthcare or education. While this type of adoption often has a more streamlined process than other kinds, there are still several basic steps you will need to navigate.

Calculating the distribution of a military retirement in divorce

When a military servicemember and his or her spouse get a divorce, the spouse will have the right to receive a share of the servicemember's retirement benefits in many cases. As such, most servicemembers and their spouses will want to gain a deeper understanding of how the benefits will be divided if they are considering going through a divorce.

Avoid problems by following this advice in your divorce

The emotional effects of divorce definitely take their toll on the human psyche. Those effects can result in bad decisions made during the divorce process, and that can cause unwanted hardship during the proceedings. Tennessee spouses will therefore want to keep their wits about them during their divorce process. Furthermore, by keeping the following three points in mind, you can help ensure your divorce doesn't blow up into a bigger "to-do" than it has to:

How alimony works

Finances are among the major considerations for any couple planning to file for divorce. There are several aspects to think about, including division of assets, child support and alimony. The concept of alimony can be confusing to some, especially since there is not a straightforward calculation or even a guarantee that it will be awarded.

Happy 2017 and welcome to divorce season

Welcome to 2017, and after the party confetti is cleaned up off the ground and the empty bottles thrown away, welcome to divorce season too. Every January is when the most divorces are filed each year. In fact, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers claims that he sees approximately 25 to 30 percent more divorces in January every year like clockwork.

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