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May 2017 Archives

4 reasons why you might need a child support modification

Life is not constant, and sometimes we hit a serious roadblock when it comes to our income generating potential. If you're just a single Tennessee resident with no family to support, a big change in your income might be easier to handle. However, if you have to pay child support each month, you could find yourself in serious trouble with the law if you get behind.

What you need to about divorce mediation in Tennessee

You may have heard of the concept of divorce mediation but may not be sure how it applies to your situation. To begin with, Tennessee law does require most divorcing couples to attempt mediation. Divorcing parents may need to attend court-ordered mediation sessions geared primarily at developing a parenting plan.

Child custody in military divorce proceedings

Child custody disagreements concerning military divorce proceedings can be a little more complicated than normal divorce matters. One of the main issues relates to the service member who is deployed and working overseas away from his or her family. This service member may have a hard time advocating for child custody because he or she is not present to care for the child.

The unique challenges faced by military couples

In virtually every Tennessee divorce, the most important issues for consideration boil down to money and children. When it's a military divorce, the long deployments and constant moving around cause child- and money-related issues to create even higher levels of consternation.

Little things mean a lot to a child living between two homes

If you remember your childhood fondly, you want to ensure that your children will enjoy a similar recollection, even if they must first adjust to your divorce. One of your initial responsibilities as divorced parents will be to help your children transition between a new home and what they may think of as home base, the place where they grew up.

Could a new Tennessee bill hurt same-sex marriage rights?

Gay rights activists are concerned that a new bill, recently passed by the Tennessee legislature, could hurt the marriage rights of same-sex couples. The bill, House Bill 1111, relates to the way state courts will need to interpret "undefined words." Specifically, House Bill 1111 says that "undefined words shall be given their natural and ordinary meaning."

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