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June 2017 Archives

Is shared parenting best?

In the late 1970s, psychologists started to recognize a symptom of divorce known as "father hunger." When a single mother reared her children without regular involvement and visitation from the father, it was not uncommon for children and fathers to want to have more time with one another.

Modern paternity testing: Proving that you're the dad

In the past, unmarried fathers were very much out of luck when it came to establishing paternity. Before the advent of blood testing and DNA testing, there was very little one could do to prove -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that a particular man was the father of a particular child. However, these days, the process of proving and establishing paternity has become fairly routine.

Understanding alimony in Tennessee

Alimony is a form of legally ordered financial support for an ex-spouse, which in some states is also called spousal maintenance or spousal support. A court may order alimony when one spouse has a need for support and the other spouse is able to pay.

Supreme Court ruling lets veteran pay less money to ex-spouse

A disabled veteran won a U.S. Supreme Court case last month. The ruling means that his ex-wife will receive less in military retirement benefits each month. The ruling could also affect other disabled veterans when it comes to how much of their retirement pensions they need to split with their exes.

3 reasons to consider a prenup

As exciting as marriage is, it can also be quite nerve wracking. As the date of tying the knot gets closer, you likely have several questions running through your head. If you are concerned about money, property and finances, then it is time for you to consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, commonly referred to as a prenup.

Could mediation help with your divorce?

Most Tennesee spouses going through a divorce will have moments when they feel like they're not getting along with their soon-to-be ex. These moments -- which could even involve fighting, anger and raised voices -- can be enough to discourage anyone from wanting to sit down at a mediation table with their spouse. However, even if you're not getting along with your spouse, mediation might be an excellent way to navigate your divorce proceedings diplomatically.

4 same-sex couples sue the state of Tennessee

Four same-sex couples have sued the state of Tennessee regarding a new law that they allege denies them parental rights. The same-sex, female couples are married. Each couple says it expects to have a baby this year. The women are concerned that the new law, which states that undefined words Tennessee family law shall have their "natural and ordinary meanings," will undermine their parental status.

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