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July 2017 Archives

The 3 types of alimony

In most Tennessee divorce cases, alimony awards are temporary. However, in some situations, there is the possibility that alimony will be awarded indefinitely. In this article, we will review the three types of alimony that Tennessee family court judges may award and what these kinds of alimony entail.

The worst mistake a parent can make during a divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and terrifying experience for anyone. When children are involved and two parents are parting ways, the stakes and fear become even higher. Not only will the parents themselves be dealing with numerous fears and worries about how the divorce could affect their children, but the children themselves will also be dealing with their own emotional difficulties. This is why, whenever a parent tries to use his or her children as pawns to get something during the divorce process, it is huge mistake in judgment -- and perhaps, it's the very worst mistake that any parent could make during a divorce.

3 common mistakes men make during divorce

A divorce can quickly turn ugly, especially if you do not have a prenup. It is easy to make errors during the divorce process. With all the emotional turmoil and legal complications involved, you can make some mistakes that impact your whole life, including finances and children. Do not let your anger drive you and turn your divorce into an all-out war.

Dads have a right to see their kids

Many years ago, when two parents got divorced, Tennessee fathers invariably got the short end of the stick. In the vast majority of cases, the mother would receive full custody of the children. As such, the children would live with the mother full-time and the father would only receive visitation rights. Sometimes, those visitations were few and far between. Perhaps a father would only get to see his kids for a little while during the summer, every other weekend or just a couple times a month.

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