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August 2017 Archives

Do you want to adopt your grandchild?

There are many reasons that grandparents adopt their grandchildren. Perhaps the biological parents are deceased and the grandparent is the guardian, or both parents are unfit, maybe struggling with disability or addiction. Whether it is for one of these reasons or another, you find yourself in the position of perhaps wanting to adopt your grandchild.

3 tips for making joint custody work

Joint custody can be hard work. You have to coordinate conflicting schedules and make sacrifices. Making custody and visitation work with someone you could not stand to be married to is not a piece of cake. However, despite the difficulties, there are some practical steps you can take to help things go more smoothly and provide a healthy environment for your children. 

What should I include in a long-distance parenting plan?

The life of a single parent is not always convenient, and it's especially inconvenient when the parents live a long distance away from one another. However, Tennessee courts allow for long-distance parenting plans that ensure children have a chance to spend time with both parents, even if they live a long way away from one another.

How can I diffuse parental conflict?

Parental conflict can be damaging for your children's psyche's and emotional development. Even babies exhibit symptoms of distress -- such as sadness, anxiety, anger and fear -- when their parents are arguing. Older children may develop patterns of delinquency and various emotional and behavioral challenges as a result of parent fighting. Due to these risks, single Tennessee parents may want to diffuse any kind of parental conflict either before or as soon as it arises.

Military family law: When children are born abroad

Any child born to a U.S. citizen will also receive citizenship, even if the child is born overseas on a military base. However, when it comes to military parents and their children born overseas, they usually have questions about how citizenship works. In this article, we'll review the different ways babies receive their citizenship when born to U.S. citizens overseas.

3 common prenup mistakes to avoid

Signing a prenup can be a stressful process, but running into complications once you tie the knot can affect your emotions and finances even more. Your prenup could be invalid if you make some simple mistakes. What if your prenup does not protect your assets the way you want? Even celebrities make common errors that lead to trouble.

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