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September 2017 Archives

How does the Hague Convention work?

When two people have a child, and they later split up or divorce, it's not uncommon for the couple to disagree about who should get to keep the child. These disagreements are usually resolved by the court. But what if one of the parents decides to leave the country with the child and take him or her overseas?

What is exempt from marital property division?

The decision to divorce isn't easy -- especially when you've been married for a long time and have a great deal of shared assets with one another. You and your spouse will need to divide your assets by determining what assets are legally divisible as a part of your marital estate and what assets are not considered a part of the marital estate.

Examples of 3 types of alimony

When Tennessee spouses get divorced, it's not uncommon for one spouse to have a far greater earning capacity than the other spouse. For example, perhaps one spouse stayed home with the children, taking care of house and home, while the other spouse worked to earn a living at a high-paying job. If these two spouses choose to get a divorce, the higher-earning person may be required to pay alimony -- or spousal support -- to the lesser-earning party.

Co-parenting through your first school year as a divorced couple

Summer vacations are over, and your child has returned to school. It is also your first school year co-parenting as a divorced couple. Before, you and your spouse may have shown up for conferences and sports games together and sat together. You do not now, and it can be awkward.

Divorce for business owners in Tennessee

If you own a successful business, and you're going through a divorce, you're no doubt worried about how your business assets will be divided during the dissolution of your marriage. Assets and earnings acquired following the day you said "I do" will be considered a part of your marital estate. This means that your soon-to-be-ex likely has the legal right to acquire part ownership of your business in your divorce proceedings.

What happens to art when an artist gets divorced?

If you work and earn your living off the art you make with your hands, you may have a lot of different art pieces scattered around your home. You might have an entire studio filled with art, as well as art on consignment at art galleries across the world. Artists who own a lot of their art usually have a lot of questions about what will happen to their works in their divorce proceedings.

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