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November 2017 Archives

What will happen to my premarriage inheritance?

Imagine Aunt Martha died when you were 23 years of age, before you got married, and you inherited a large sum of money from her. You put the money in an annuity, and it's been growing steadily ever since. When you turned 30, you got married, and now -- just as you turn 40 -- you're getting divorced.

Why you should not put off divorce if you have kids

One common reason many couples put off a divorce in Clarksville is their family. They may believe they are protecting their kids from the negative aspects of the split. However, the truth is that putting off a divorce and staying in an unhealthy relationship may cause far more damage to children than you realize. 

How do you determine the value of your business in divorce?

When you're getting a divorce as a business owner, you need to determine the value of your business for the purpose of asset division. Knowing what your business interests are going into your divorce negotiations will help you determine a fair and equitable buyout under the law.

Under what circumstances can spouses annul a marriage?

What if you find out that your marriage was a fraud? What if you discover you're accidentally married to your cousin? In these circumstances, is it necessary to file for divorce and go through the entire divorce process to get out of your marriage? The answer to this question could be "no" in some circumstances -- that is, if you can qualify to have your marriage annulled.

Military divorce and separation agreements

As an alternative to divorce, military service members might want to draft and sign a separation agreement. There are two kinds of separation agreements -- one involves couples entering into an out-of-court agreement and another that involves a court order and court approval of agreement. What follows is a description of out-of-court separation agreements for military service members.

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