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April 2018 Archives

Have you considered your child's other relationships?

When drafting a child custody plan, most parents think about themselves and their relationship with their children, but not all of them remember to consider grandparents, siblings, family friends, coaches and other people their children have developed important relationships with.

When you and your spouse don’t have anything in common

Many people stay in a toxic or difficult marriage until they die. Others, on the other hand, make the hard choice to unravel their marriage so they can live happier lives, and perhaps look for a better relationship that reflects who they truly are and who they want to be.

Are you supporting your children to deal with divorce?

If you're a divorcing parent and you're worried how your kids will deal emotionally and psychologically with the separation, you're not alone. Most parents worry about how their kids will experience and survive the emotions associated with the breakup of their mother and father.

Is this why you and your spouse got a divorce?

There are many reasons why couples get a divorce and – in most cases of a failed marriage – the reason for the divorce will not always be clear. However, in certain instances, one of the spouses may be able to precisely point his or her finger at the cause. Here are two common reasons for divorce that a spouse might point to in this regard:

Can you claim the adoption tax credit?

Expanding your family through adoption is a beautiful thing. Bringing a new child who needs a family into your life is a noble pursuit. However, it can also be complex and expensive. Adoptions can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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