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June 2018 Archives

Establishing paternity: 3 viable strategies

The joy of fatherhood is a gift to be cherished and revered, but not all fathers have the legal right to spend time with their children. In some cases, for example, a mother will deny that someone is the father, so she can raise the child on her own. In these cases, the biological father may be able to fight in court to establish his child custody rights. In the modern era of genetic testing, this process is, fortunately, a lot easier than it was in the past.

Can you get alimony if your ex struggles to make ends meet?

After a divorce, one spouse might get alimony until he or she gains the means to be adequately self-sufficient. For instance, if you took a nine-year break from the workforce to raise children, you may need a year or two to get job training or other educational credentials. Alimony can help pay for that.

Can I change my child support orders?

Whether you're the "paying" parent or the "receiving" parent, your child support orders are not set in stone. Imagine your child contracted a serious and costly illness, for example. You might be able to file an appeal to the family law court to adjust your spouse's child support payments to better reflect a fair reimbursement to cover the costs of your child's illness.

Who's the primary caretaker of my children?

The question of who served as primary caretaker of your children during your marriage is an important one when it comes to the resolution of child custody disputes. If your dispute were to go to trial, for example, a family law court would likely give more weight and power to the person it deems to be the "primary caretaker."

Parenting provisions that keep parents up-to-date on contact info

The addresses and contact information of you and your co-parent will no doubt change over the course of raising your child. As a single parent, it's important that you have the ability to contact the other parent at any time. As such, any changes to one parent's contact information need to be given to the other parent as soon as possible.

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