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December 2018 Archives

Take care when choosing your divorce attorney

Divorce is a legal process, but it's also likely going to be one of the most emotional experiences you'll ever go through. That's why it's essential to choose your divorce attorney carefully. You want someone with experience, of course, and who knows the local court system. However, you also want someone whom you can be honest with and who will work to do what's best for you and, if you're a parent, for your children.

How does the military get involved in child support?

If you have a child with a military service member or veteran, it's important to know that there are federal laws regarding their obligation to pay child support that has been ordered by a court or which they've agreed to pay in a signed legal agreement with their co-parent. These regulations aren't meant to conflict with or override state child support statutes but to help ensure that these parents abide by any support agreements.

2 key considerations to shorten the divorce process

One big misconception that many people in Clarksville have is they must settle their divorce issues in court. Many problems often arise during the dissolution process that makes it harder for some couples to keep sight of their divorce goals. If you and your partner are seeking a divorce, it is vital for you to try to work out as many issues as possible to avoid a lengthy and challenging split.

Easing your child's transitions between homes

When divorced parents share custody of their kids, they can both stay involved in their lives. However, moving back and forth between their parents' homes can be stressful for kids if parents don't work to ease these transitions and bring some consistency to their lives regardless of which residence they're in.

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