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Bigamy and grounds for divorce

In Tennessee, most people know that they can only legally marry one person at a time. In other words, one must go through a divorce from a current spouse before tying the knot with another.

3 ways to emotionally prepare yourself for divorce

If your marriage is in trouble, you may be coming to the decision that you should leave. Deciding to get a divorce is a monumental decision that comes with a lot of consequences. It can be better for you in the end, but the proceedings are often overwhelmingly emotional. 

Why you should not put off divorce if you have kids

One common reason many couples put off a divorce in Clarksville is their family. They may believe they are protecting their kids from the negative aspects of the split. However, the truth is that putting off a divorce and staying in an unhealthy relationship may cause far more damage to children than you realize. 

2 ways to improve your divorce outcome

When it comes to divorce in Clarksville, the decisions you make now can haunt you forever. You may be ready to sever ties with your spouse now, but you should be mindful about the way you go about it. Instead of looking for the fastest way out of your marriage, you should work on creating the best exit strategy possible. 

Co-parenting through your first school year as a divorced couple

Summer vacations are over, and your child has returned to school. It is also your first school year co-parenting as a divorced couple. Before, you and your spouse may have shown up for conferences and sports games together and sat together. You do not now, and it can be awkward.

Do you want to adopt your grandchild?

There are many reasons that grandparents adopt their grandchildren. Perhaps the biological parents are deceased and the grandparent is the guardian, or both parents are unfit, maybe struggling with disability or addiction. Whether it is for one of these reasons or another, you find yourself in the position of perhaps wanting to adopt your grandchild.

3 tips for making joint custody work

Joint custody can be hard work. You have to coordinate conflicting schedules and make sacrifices. Making custody and visitation work with someone you could not stand to be married to is not a piece of cake. However, despite the difficulties, there are some practical steps you can take to help things go more smoothly and provide a healthy environment for your children. 

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