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Why should unmarried couples get a 'cohabitation agreement?'

Many couples of all ages decide to live together -- either instead of getting married or perhaps as an interim step before determining whether marriage is right for them. If you and your significant other have decided to share a home, you are likely going to be buying things together, sharing household expenses and interweaving your financial lives much as married people do. You may even decide to buy a home together or jointly adopt a pet.

Divorce causes 2 types of stress

Divorce can be stressful. One of your goals, when you look into all of your legal options, should be to find ways to reduce your stress level. After all, it can be very detrimental to your health to deal with that type of long-term anxiety.

Don't forget your role as co-parents after your kids are grown

Whether you waited until your children were grown to divorce or you've been co-parenting with your ex-spouse for many years, parents often believe that adult children aren't seriously impacted by their parents' divorce. You may not even consider yourselves "co-parents" any longer.

Divorcing a spouse for whom you're a caregiver

Americans are living longer. However, many are living with chronic and debilitating illnesses. Their marriages often become more of a patient-caregiver relationship than a spousal one. A serious illness or disability can take a considerable toll on a marriage. Divorce rates among couples where a spouse is suffering from a serious chronic illness have been estimated at up to 75 percent.

Take care when choosing your divorce attorney

Divorce is a legal process, but it's also likely going to be one of the most emotional experiences you'll ever go through. That's why it's essential to choose your divorce attorney carefully. You want someone with experience, of course, and who knows the local court system. However, you also want someone whom you can be honest with and who will work to do what's best for you and, if you're a parent, for your children.

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