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Can't pay your child support? Maybe you can modify your payments

Tennessee family law judges know that life can change in a moment and a person's financial situation can go from bad to worse very quickly. As such, if you're paying monthly child support payments and you suddenly lose your job, you might be able to submit a request to modify your child support payments in order to lower your monthly obligations.

Can I modify my child support payments?

If a Tennessee family law court ordered you to pay child support each month, you will need to pay this money exactly in accordance with your court orders. Failure to pay your child support obligations on time could result in serious repercussions -- like wage garnishment and even jail time -- but what if you lose your job or get sick and can't make your payments anymore?

What's a COLA clause mean in a divorce settlement?

Are you receiving child support, but you're having a hard time putting together sufficient cash to pay the bills each month due to an increase in cost of living? Maybe your rent has increased and the grocery bills and gas bills are getting higher by the year, and you need some extra money every month to help with child care.

4 reasons why you might need a child support modification

Life is not constant, and sometimes we hit a serious roadblock when it comes to our income generating potential. If you're just a single Tennessee resident with no family to support, a big change in your income might be easier to handle. However, if you have to pay child support each month, you could find yourself in serious trouble with the law if you get behind.

Modifications to child support agreements in Tennessee

A divorce agreement is not set in stone, and neither is a divorce ruling -- especially when it comes to children. Life circumstances of two ex-spouses could change, making a child support, child custody or parenting plan subject to change. This article will look at several scenarios that could result in child support modification by a Tennessee court.

Relocating children after divorce

As a parent, you always want the best for your children, and often that involves making difficult and possibly unpopular decisions. Planning to relocate to another city or state with children following a divorce can be a complicated matter that may be a hard sell for the other parent, grandparents, the children themselves and even the courts determining the terms of custody.

Extracurricular expenses could qualify for TN child support

With spring on the horizon, many kids are looking for any excuse to get outside and play. Oftentimes, parents are feeling the same way after being cooped up inside over the winter months. You may be wondering how to get your child enrolled in an extracurricular activity to help them learn new skills. However, you may hesitate once looking at the prices associated with sports, camps or other extracurricular activities.

Is child support enforced if parent in arrears moves from state?

When you are responsible for co-parenting a child from separate households, it can be complicated to say the least. Managing schedules, school, and the holidays flawlessly is the hope for most parents who share a child custody or visitation of their child. Sometimes, despite a parent's best attempts, a co-parent responsible for child support becomes in arrears, or late, with their child support payments. Let's say this parent moves out of Tennessee while in a position of delinquency, what are the custodial parent's options?

Why apply for child support modification in Montgomery County?

Maybe you are unsatisfied with a parent's failure to uphold an aspect of their child support arrangement. Maybe you are the parent who has found themselves in a position that makes it difficult to uphold a prior agreement. Whatever the reason, child support modification is an option for unmarried parents sharing custody of a child. At the heart of the issue is a child that needs the love and support of his or her parents in a way that is attainable for that parent.

Job change can render parent seeking child support modification

Whether your divorce was recently finalized or you have been living separately from your child's parent for many years, sometimes a child support arrangement needs modification. This is sometimes true for the non-custodial parent who is not living with the children the majority of the time. Sometimes the workforce does not treat a worker in the best way and due to a loss of job or a worker being forced to take a pay decrease the child support payment cannot be made as easily as in the past. When the child support payment is no longer do-able, there are options..

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