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How does a home get divided in a divorce?

Divvying up the family home is never easy in a divorce. Both spouses will likely be emotionally attached to the residence, and neither of them may want to give up the property. Will one spouse keep the property and the other spouse move out? Will the property need to be liquidated and the proceeds divided?

Don't forget these assets when dividing marital property

Divorcing spouses commonly make costly mistakes when they're dividing their marital estates. One big mistake is to assume that just because one spouse identifies with a certain piece of property that it belongs to him or her. In fact, all marital property acquired during the course of your marriage must be divided between the spouses except when it comes to certain exempt property.

Property division: What if I owned my home before marriage?

Owning your home before your marriage does not guarantee that you'll keep it during your divorce. However, it could help you keep it if the facts of your circumstances support such a result under Tennessee law. Let's take a closer look at homeownership and how a pre-marriage home could stay in the hands of the spouse who previously owned it.

How do you determine the value of your business in divorce?

When you're getting a divorce as a business owner, you need to determine the value of your business for the purpose of asset division. Knowing what your business interests are going into your divorce negotiations will help you determine a fair and equitable buyout under the law.

What is exempt from marital property division?

The decision to divorce isn't easy -- especially when you've been married for a long time and have a great deal of shared assets with one another. You and your spouse will need to divide your assets by determining what assets are legally divisible as a part of your marital estate and what assets are not considered a part of the marital estate.

What happens to art when an artist gets divorced?

If you work and earn your living off the art you make with your hands, you may have a lot of different art pieces scattered around your home. You might have an entire studio filled with art, as well as art on consignment at art galleries across the world. Artists who own a lot of their art usually have a lot of questions about what will happen to their works in their divorce proceedings.

Advice for uncomplicating your divorce proceedings

The typical Tennessee divorce has a lot of legal complexities that must be dealt with -- both by the spouses and the lawyers representing them. Even a fairly straightforward breakup that doesn't involve children or a lot of assets can require many steps. Let's take a look at a few tips that divorcing spouses can use to simplify the process:

Tennessee law and marital property

One of the most trying parts of divorce has to do with the divvying up of your marital assets. When more money is involved, asset division proceedings tend become more stressful and more complicated. One of the most important issues relating to marital property division is the definition of marital property itself. These definitions can vary from state to state, so let's take a look the way Tennessee law addresses this issue.

Prenuptial agreements gaining popularity among millennials

Young adults from the so-called "millennial generation" are opting to sign prenuptial agreements before getting married. According to one prenup-signing millennial who is planning her wedding for next summer, the document is practical in this day and age, considering how common divorce has become.

How to divide an iTunes music library during a divorce

Most Tennessee spouses undergoing divorce think about their family home, vehicles, art, bank accounts and other assets when it comes to asset division. However, in the age of the internet, we also have to think about our digital assets when it comes to deciding who will own what after a split. So, what happens to digital assets like an iTunes library, for example?

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