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Psychological concerns for children in divorce

Parents who are in the throes of a divorce know exactly how complicated the process can be -- in psychological, emotional, financial and legal terms. Just as it's complicated for you, however, it's also complicated for your children. As such, you may want to consider what your child is going through so you can support him or her to "weather the divorce storm."

How does the Hague Convention work?

When two people have a child, and they later split up or divorce, it's not uncommon for the couple to disagree about who should get to keep the child. These disagreements are usually resolved by the court. But what if one of the parents decides to leave the country with the child and take him or her overseas?

How can I diffuse parental conflict?

Parental conflict can be damaging for your children's psyche's and emotional development. Even babies exhibit symptoms of distress -- such as sadness, anxiety, anger and fear -- when their parents are arguing. Older children may develop patterns of delinquency and various emotional and behavioral challenges as a result of parent fighting. Due to these risks, single Tennessee parents may want to diffuse any kind of parental conflict either before or as soon as it arises.

Child custody in military divorce proceedings

Child custody disagreements concerning military divorce proceedings can be a little more complicated than normal divorce matters. One of the main issues relates to the service member who is deployed and working overseas away from his or her family. This service member may have a hard time advocating for child custody because he or she is not present to care for the child.

Recent court ruling may result in easier relocations for parents

A recent opinion by the Tennessee Supreme Court could make it easier for parents who are divorced to leave the state with their children -- even in situations where the other parent doesn't agree. The decision, which was unanimous, would apply to situations in which either the mother or father has spent more time with the children than the other parent.

When are American men most likely to claim paternity?

A recent study published by the University of Oklahoma looked at the instances when American fathers are most likely to claim paternity of a child born outside of wedlock. According to the study, men are more likely to voluntarily step forward if the woman is 1) affluent, 2) healthy, 3) educated, and 4) if the baby is male. The results of the research were published in the journal Human Nature.

How can I prevent my ex-spouse from hurting my children?

Not all spouses are friendly, and some are physically abusive. Tennessee parents who divorced the mother or father of their children due to physical abuse will probably be afraid to leave their children with their ex-spouse during scheduled parental visitation time. So, how do you prevent your ex-spouse from abusing your children if this is the case?

Court of Appeals awards child custody to ex-prostitute

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has granted primary custody of two children to an ex-prostitute, who is the mother of the children. The award reversed a previous ruling by the Hamilton County Juvenile Court. According to the higher court, the lower court's ruling to strip the mother of her custody rights was made because it believed that she was still working as a prostitute, in spite of evidence proving that she had left the profession.

4 important child custody issues grandparents should consider

There are a lot of reasons why a grandparent might assume custody of his or her grandchild. In many cases, grandparents are left to assume custody of their grandchildren because it is the only other option aside from seeing their grandchildren swept away into a Tennessee foster care program. If you are a grandparent who is taking over custody of a grandchild, there are a few things you might want to think about with regard to your grandchildren and their needs.

2 things same-sex parents should know

With the legalization of same-sex marriage across the country, the legitimacy of two individuals of the same sex raising their children together is now official. With this right, however, like any married couple, a same-sex couple with children will need to decide issues relating to child custody in the event of a divorce. This article will discuss two important things that divorced same-sex parents should keep in mind.

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